Transformed in a sentence

Definition of Transformed

simple past tense and past participle of transform

How to use Transformed in a Sentence?

  • In the twinkling of an eye the hall of festivities was transformed into an emergency hospital.
  • When they secured her within the castle, they transformed her into a white hind.
  • The enchantments of barren shingle and rough weather transformed every adventurer into a laborer.
  • Finally, the computer mouse and keyboard transformed a receive-only monitor into a portal.
  • As each appeared, a touch of the wand transformed it into a cream-colored horse, fit for a queen.
  • She was transformed into an image which I felt neither did nor could exist in reality.
  • A soft, sticky, and resinous material is transformed into a relatively tough and elastic product.
  • I have seen women absolutely transformed by the hands of a skilful dressmaker or a clever hairdresser.
  • For example, it does not suggest that hydrogen is at first formed, and subsequently transformed into water.
  • Such a measure, however, is only warranted in extreme circumstances and cannot be transformed into indefinite detention.
  • And then that hymn of praise sank to pianissimo notes and was transformed by some sort of evil magic to something shockingly different.
  • Many a mean, dastardly boy is, at the age of puberty, transformed into a serious and generous youth.
  • The next instant he turned to Jonathan a visage transformed as suddenly as though he had dropped a mask from his face.
  • After which he returned, laid down his brush, and pinned on a nickel badge, which act transformed him into the town constable.
  • This, perhaps, is inevitable in a district which, though once green and tranquil, has been transformed into an empire of workshops.
  • Woman is an angel who may become a devil, a sister of mercy who may change into a viper, a ladybird who may be transformed into a stinging-bee.
  • That event transformed what might more properly be called "a poor village of fishermen" into "a populous city," for the space of about two weeks.
  • But that was in the old days, before the black arts of Kaiserism transformed the peace of yesterday into the Armageddon of to-day.
  • Before the summer is over they have transformed Gladys, the frivolous boarding school girl, into a genuine Winnebago.
  • The little room had been transformed into a perfect bower by Elinor's good taste and Patricia's eager fingers.
  • Courtlandt was not in the most amiable condition of mind, and a hint of the ribald would have instantly transformed a passive anger into a blind fury.
  • The feeling inspired by the sight of them together transformed him on the instant into the quick, shrewd, diplomatic officer in whom he recognized himself.
  • It was confirmation of that instinct she had tried to smother; like the wand of a baleful genii it had transformed her nightmare fancies into sinister reality.
  • The primary current was transformed by an induction coil of the ordinary type and the transformed current was sent through a non-inductive resistance of 3,000 ohms.
  • Agriculture has received a rapid and enormous impetus; and the uncultivated lands, which were full of brambles, have been transformed into productive fields.
  • Objects in the mineral and vegetable world were explained in Egypt as transformed parts or humours of Osiris, Typhon and other heroes.
  • Railways, and the fashion of summer holiday making, have transformed them altogether, and great towns have sprung up where fishing villages once stood.

Short Example Sentence for Transformed

  • Suddenly she was transformed into a demon.
  • Cannon transformed to church-bells.
  • Her whole being was transformed into a mass of ruin.
  • A wicked Tyrant is transformed into a Fox.
  • Jessuum walked over to the window and transformed himself into a large crow.
  • In an instant he became transformed as by the touch of magic.
  • Has not thy trouble been straightway transformed into gladness and rapture?
  • Immediately they were transformed into two sheltered and undismayed Arabs.
  • But Beatrix transformed herself into his little dog or slave.
  • Zeus then transformed Callisto into a constellation, the bear.
  • The grin transformed his whole appearance, until Yasmini beamed on him.
  • Suddenly she recovered her tongue, and turned on Chook, transformed with rage.

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