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  • They gleamed transparently white in the starlight.
  • Fung went away in a transparently aggrieved frame of mind.
  • The style throughout is transparently Cheethan's.

How To Use Transparently In A Sentence?

  • She looked so weak as she spoke, her face was so transparently white, that I trembled with fear.
  • He has all the world before him and is seeking his fortune in a far land, yet he is as transparently happy as a man can be.
  • Ferguson saw her as if cut from an encompassing blackness, transparently clear like a picture suspended in a void.
  • There could be no one more above suspicion in his eyes than this transparently honest young giant from the Oromocto.
  • They argued that in these cases the obvious always proved erroneous, and the theory most transparently rational seldom led the way to the truth.
  • As between ourselves, my dear Laurence, any pretence of affection would be transparently ridiculous.
  • The fires burn out, covered with ashes, and the smoke above them is as transparently blue as the air, and the sky as bright as the moon.
  • But he almost told himself that he deserved it for being such a poisonous fool as to allow himself to be entrapped in so transparently callow a fashion.
  • His manner was so calm, and gracious, and transparently sincere, that I found him wholly captivating.

Definition of Transparently

in a transparent manner; with nothing hidden. | (manner) So as to admit light without distortion. | (modal) So as to be readily perceived and understood.
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