Transverse in a sentence

Definition of Transverse

Situated or lying across; side to side, relative to some defined "forward" direction; identified with movement across areas. | (geometry, of an intersection) Not tangent: so that a nondegenerate angle is formed between the two things intersecting. | (transitive) To overturn; to change.

How to use Transverse in a Sentence?

  • There were some narrow transverse crevices in the rock by means of which we got up.
  • Part of a series of transverse sections from which the preceding reconstruction was made.
  • Those insolent shoulders sailed silently around the transverse and out of sight.
  • A part of the series of transverse sections from which the preceding reconstruction was made.
  • A transverse section through the headfold of an embryo of the stage shown in figure 2.
  • A series of transverse sections through an embryo of the age shown in figure 5.
  • A series of transverse sections through an embryo of the stage of the one shown in figure 3.
  • As the insect moves along the twig a series of transverse cuts are made in the bark.
  • Its thin outer integument is studded with excessively minute points in transverse rows.
  • Four legs support the vessel and are marked with transverse stripes of red and black paint.
  • After a short time we came to a new lane running in a transverse direction to the pool.

Short Example Sentence for Transverse

  • The transverse process.
  • The transverse processes.
  • A transverse section of the neck.
  • The walls of this were crossed by transverse cracks.
  • Shell with remote capillary transverse striae.
  • My gaze traveled up to the transverse arms.
  • A transverse section would be a sharp oval.
  • A series of transverse sections caudad to the preceding.
  • A transverse section would be sub rectangular.
  • A transverse passageway opened on to the deck near by.
  • Band: a transverse marking broader than a line.
  • Strigula: a fine short transverse mark or line.
  • Transverse incision: = transverse sulci.
  • In 1882, two new transverse wings were provided for.
  • A cock upon the transverse beam Is perched.
  • Lancashire cannel coal; transverse section, X200.
  • Strength of Beams under Transverse Loads.
  • Cut through the bases of the transverse processes with bone forceps.
  • These hollows are separated from each other by a slight transverse ridge.
  • There is no approach to this transverse position of the scapulae among birds.
  • The sides are straight and a transverse section is somewhat rectangular.
  • Treat spleen and liver in this transverse manner about five minutes.
  • This design is made of transverse notches above and a zigzag line below.
  • It is slightly bent and the concave side bears transverse incisions.
  • Marked with transverse lines and scrolls; design simple and unique.
  • The cross shapes had bent, hinging above the transverse arms.
  • Dioptrate: an ocellate spot with the pupil divided by a transverse line.
  • Pectoral fin ovately rounded, with faint yellow transverse bands.
  • Laurus foliis lanceolatis transverse venosis, calycibus fructus baccatis.

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