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  • I was trapped there.
  • What had trapped her?
  • They are frequently trapped by the natives.
  • How neatly she had waylaid and trapped him!
  • He was trapped like a rat.
  • He was being inspected like a trapped monkey!
  • He was trapped by the illogicality of human life.
  • Lumley glared at him like a trapped beast.
  • He looked around the office like a trapped animal.
  • Fernand, having trapped his game, was now about to kill it.
  • Mother Jael turned with a squeak like a trapped rabbit.
  • Frightened in my heart like a trapped animal, I went in.
  • That's why they trapped your sub.
  • There were no long holes and the course was hardly trapped at all.
  • Starling looked around him with the helpless air of a trapped animal.
  • In season the birds migrate from the north and are trapped in great numbers.
  • These two animals are trapped at times, and when caught are eaten.
  • That skunk of a fellow finding himself trapped yelled for mercy. . .
  • He was trapped between the weapons, the mob, and two tall buildings.
  • The men seldom trapped at that time, but the women trapped in several ways.
  • When by playing on his pity Adam trapped him he smiled and shrugged.
  • And that dear young lady will be trapped like a bird in a cage! . . .
  • Maryland Assembly too cunning to be trapped by Baltimore, 255.
  • They trapped your brother outside Ali Masjid with fifty of his men.
  • I'll not be trapped this way by her and let her off without a squeal.

How To Use Trapped In A Sentence?

  • Then he relapsed to silence, a little ashamed in that he had been trapped into showing temper.
  • Jack returned the pressure, feeling like a trapped creature with no hope of escape.
  • The trapped industrialist exhaled his breath, counted three and dived into the tank.
  • But was there not a certain ignominy in being trapped here as the dumb and senseless brute creatures were being trapped?
  • When he was swept off, he found himself in the horrible position of being trapped under water beneath this boat.
  • And then she knew she had made a fatal mistake in holding that long and quiet parley with the beast that had trapped her.
  • And even here it frequently trapped her into pitfalls which demanded the utmost exercise of her ready wit to extricate her from.
  • They were trapped in a mass of wreckage which might at any moment burst into flames and burn them to death before they had a chance to escape.
  • And now desperation, thrice compounded, rent the soul of the trapped victim of his own misaimed subterfuge.
  • The trapped horses gave vent to their feelings by kicking, squealing, and biting in an extraordinary manner.
  • Brandicourt, the general of the French troops, was at once trapped and compelled to order his troops to lay down their arms.
  • Frank instantly understood that they had been trapped and he knocked down four of his assailants before they could bear him to the floor and overpower him.
  • Like trapped rats the men ran to the windows and doors, but the room, fortified with iron bars and barbed wire, held them like a trap.
  • He jammed his thin-lipped mouth close to the "mike" and rasped: "They trapped us again!
  • I felt that I needed company, and he and I had trapped together some years before, and were well acquainted.

Definition of Trapped

caught in a trap | simple past tense and past participle of trap
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