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  • What take you now these travelers to be?
  • Now travelers are pelted into shelter.
  • He would never bring travelers here again.
  • One of these travelers wrote of his visit in 1793.
  • A party of travelers was crossing the desert.
  • Our travelers were on the deck, watching the scenery.
  • After mass, our travelers went immediately to luncheon.
  • Completely worn out, the travelers slept like logs.
  • The travelers had already "done" the Citadel.
  • All the travelers appeared to understand where they were to go.
  • In the meantime the travelers continued their voyage very happily.
  • All foreign travelers are given an official escort in the interior.
  • The vote of travelers may be safely allotted to the broad gauge.
  • English Arabic Dictionary, for the use of both travelers and students.

How To Use Travelers In A Sentence?

  • And one of your first discoveries is that the books of the travelers are mostly wrong.
  • In our intervals of leisure we decoyed travelers into our house and buried the bodies in a cellar.
  • He restrained his speech, backed the offending vehicle and started the travelers on.
  • The travelers skirted the valley, keeping close to the hills where the ground was hard.
  • Slidewalks carried the cargo to Sterilization and travelers to the greeting platform.
  • The guards began to bawl, the doors to slam, belated travelers to dash madly for the coaches.
  • A few commercial travelers were consulting time tables and attending to the disposition of their baggage.
  • All stations should be pleasant and comfortable to cheer the tired travelers that pass through them day and night.
  • Long-distance travelers who have been round the world some dozen times have journeyed a greater distance.
  • On a lovely afternoon our travelers were driving leisurely along through partially cleared woodland.
  • But it has happened once in a while that someone really strikes a larger light and offers it to many travelers for their safety.
  • Faith walked beside the travelers to the edge of the wood and then the two little girls said good-bye.
  • Fortunately for the author, nothing untoward happened, but travelers are warned not to be too sanguine.
  • These unknown travelers bring a message from eternity; they tell us the tale of their distant journeys.
  • Both travelers were warmly clad, the orderly's knapsack containing all the necessary provisions.
  • Returning one evening from sight-seeing at the exposition, the travelers were so weary that they retired immediately after supper.
  • After another mile our travelers went down one long hill and up another and stopped at a house on the hilltop where lived the patient.
  • The caravans were at rest, the camels lay quietly, and the travelers were eating their evening meal.
  • The carpet of them hid with fair leaves and blossoms treacherous water holes into which the travelers plunged at times foot deep.
  • On the eighth evening after starting, the travelers again set foot on the volcanic promontory just in time to witness a great commotion.
  • Such things went far to take away the first enthusiasm and to leave the travelers in rather a sad and weary-eyed state.
  • I am sorry to say there was a tendency on the part of many American travelers to find fault with our ambassador and the embassy.
  • It is easy to understand how even experienced travelers may be deluded to believe that the Aborigines have no idols and no religion.
  • It were perhaps even better for me, if I should endeavor to overtake the two travelers less with the pen than on foot.
  • The Porto del Popolo is the old gateway by which travelers entered the city before the railroad was built.
  • A few quotations from unimpeachable witnesses, travelers of wide knowledge of the Orient, may be given in illustration and proof of this view.

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plural of traveler
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