Travelled In A Sentence

Definition of Travelled

British spelling standard spelling of traveled. | simple past tense and past participle of travel

How To Use Travelled In A Sentence?

  • But it is not the first of its family which has travelled so far to the southward.
  • Matyko at least must know all about it, for he had travelled everywhere with his master.
  • Her clear gaze travelled from face to face as one or another of the officers rose and spoke.
  • I travelled it after sunset, and found myriads of toads hopping across it in every direction.
  • It may well have been that Christianity first travelled this way in their train.
  • They looked like they travelled for years from some unknown place on the world, to Pomperaque.
  • I wondered whether that dummy had travelled from Paris, too, and whether with or without its head.
  • So he got into the train, travelled to Besztercebanya, and looked up Boldizsar.
  • In the summer of 1827 he left Eton, and travelled with his parents eight months in Italy.
  • Therefore I travelled to Copenhagen, thence by steamer to Gothenburg, and rail to Christiania.
  • Lloyd's mind travelled while comparing the two women and his two most painful experiences.
  • Martin's eyes travelled slowly from the ceiling to her face with a puzzled, discontented gaze.
  • They had travelled quietly with us as we moved from place to place, or stayed inactive at the tents while we remained stationary.
  • Thence her fame travelled back to her own home; but an early death prevented her from enjoying the fruits of her enthusiastic toil.
  • The doors were opened, and the eye travelled straight into the front rooms lit with a kerosene lamp or a candle.
  • Sometimes a whirlwind of dust travelled rapidly over the plain, making one ponder what would happen should it gyrate into the vachtoe.
  • He had travelled much, been every where; and seemed especially to remember all the places famous for beautiful women.
  • We travelled by circular tour, which included a trot through many of the fields of my boyhood, now, alas!
  • They travelled in Italy together but she returned worse than she went, and died a few weeks after their return.
  • She clasped her hands, her eyes travelled toward the altar, and remained fixed upon it, as though she saw a vision.
  • Half a dozen times a night, or oftener, he travelled under escort through the dining room, always returning again to his regular station.
  • His eye instinctively travelled to a photograph of Edith, all tulle and roses; a rather fascinating portrait.
  • The news had travelled there already, and the first thing he sees is George outside the door as white as a sheet waiting for him.
  • Lloyd and Grenadine talked to one another throughout the entire distance travelled since they left the rocky ledge where they slept last night.
  • Her eye travelled to the shop below, with its huge plate-glass windows framed in brass, packed with boots set at every angle to catch the eye.
  • Their culture generally enables the travelled English to avoid any ridiculous extremes of this self-pleasing, and to give it an agreeable air.
  • That was not my opinion, for I travelled on an open car by myself, with a large quantity of money, and no other weapon than an umbrella.
  • This was made known in the form of a warning to the mail guards who travelled in charge of the Post Office bags.
  • He travelled around the block and disappeared among the many open doors that blazed along Hill Street.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Travelled | Travelled Sentence

  • You have travelled and mixed with men.
  • His gaze travelled to her hair.
  • We travelled at the average rate of six miles an hour.
  • I travelled with those who really cared for and understood art.
  • John's glance once more travelled over her whole figure.
  • He had taken up various occupations and travelled a good deal.
  • As he stood in the doorway, his eyes travelled from her to his wife.
  • She had travelled much, and seen a good deal of the world and its life.
  • I travelled with a man and his wife from Folkestone to Paris.
  • But almost at once, before his eyes had travelled away from him, Lumley awoke.
  • Her thoughts travelled back to Packard's and the Road.

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