Travis In A Sentence

How To Use Travis In A Sentence?

  • My dear, I have written to Mr. Travis.
  • You knew General Travis, sir, I believe?
  • Travis laughed.
  • Travis, William Barrett, 18, 243, 246-250, 260.
  • And Mr. Travis came in on Monday, I think.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Travis | Travis Sentence

  • Travis had laughed after he had gone out.
  • Travis was corroborated by the master of the house.
  • Travis thought he had never seen anything so wonderful.
  • Travis glanced at Dil.
  • John Travis was momentarily bewildered.
  • John Travis flushed suddenly.
  • John Travis could tell her all about it.
  • John Travis had disappeared in the throng.
  • Travis stepped back to Bess.
  • Maybe Travis had the same reason for lying to you.
  • John Travis thought of them both this morning.
  • Mr. Travis to go to heaven with them.
  • John Travis would set her on the road to heaven.
  • Dil asked timidly, glancing up at Travis.
  • John Travis had a tender, sympathetic voice.
  • And John Travis was helpless before it.
  • John Travis turned and gave her a rare, comforting smile.
  • That was what John Travis had said.
  • What had become of John Travis?
  • And now she must find John Travis.
  • And to John Travis it was as the face of an angel.
  • Had it puzzled John Travis as well?
  • Virginia and John Travis entered presently.
  • General Travis, in the screen, continued in dumb-show.
  • If John Travis would only come.
  • But John Travis was still in the world.
  • They went out to Travis Farm the next morning.
  • Meet General Travis to-morrow night.
  • Oh, what if John Travis failed!
  • But John Travis had not found them, had not come.
  • What could John Travis say to these eager pilgrims?
  • Oh, was she sure John Travis would come?
  • Deborah Travis wur theer, fro Shay.
  • Elinor Travis was not the wife for Rupert Sinclair.
  • His name was Mr. John Travis.
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