Treading In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Treading | Treading Sentence

  • We are treading on heroes.
  • He seemed to be treading on pins.
  • Gentlefooted crowds are treading out your lullaby.
  • She walked as if she were treading on air.
  • Carrie advanced as if she were treading on buttered eggs.
  • We did not know that the enemy was treading in our steps.
  • We are treading upon a bridge of martyrs.
  • I forebore treading further on the sacred ground.
  • Like squirrels treading a cage their feet twinkled.
  • The next instant they were treading the marble aisle.
  • The treading feet find soil to stand.
  • Martha went home as though treading on air.
  • When walking it seemed as if one was treading upon rubber.
  • She entered, silently treading on the heavy carpet.
  • Arenberg led the way, treading softly in the snow.
  • They were, indeed, treading dangerous ground.
  • He reached the doorway, treading softly, and looked in.
  • It was impossible to prevent the mustangs treading them under foot.
  • It seemed strange to be treading land again after five months on shipboard.
  • It is sad to see those we like treading the broad path so blindly.
  • Thorough treading is important, and the heels should be well used.
  • After treading the world down in various senses, you are tired.
  • Instead of treading in their footsteps, endeavour only to keep the same road.
  • On the soft deep dust the treading feet of the travellers moved quietly.
  • John pushed quietly through the shrubberies, treading as lightly as possible.
  • Are they treading on your feet?" inquired the mask.
  • I am always treading in plots," he burst out.
  • John pushed quietly through the shrubberies, treading as lightly as possible.
  • It was the expression of a wary animal, treading among dangers.
  • The mass is well mixed by treading with the feet, and working with hoes.
  • I could hardly take a single step without treading on the dead or dying.
  • On they swept, one unperformed task treading upon the heel of its predecessor.
  • Then we would be lost men, treading our round of death in a limitless forest.

How To Use Treading In A Sentence?

  • He seemed to be treading on air when he walked up to take the telegraphic dispatch.
  • Freeland obeyed, treading the floor of the restaurant as though it were a stage.
  • It is scarcely possible to avoid treading on the closely-growing bushes of nettles.
  • The living are thus actually treading and cooking their food over the graves of their relatives.
  • They found themselves treading short dead mesquit that did not greatly obstruct their progress.
  • This was granted; for all he saw or heard he might have been treading the catacombs.
  • But over both the great monsters passed, treading them to pulp under the ponderous feet.

Definition of Treading

present participle of tread | The act of one who treads.
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