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  • Her skirts fell upon the treadle of the spinning-wheel.
  • It was just the treadle I think came against your calf.

How To Use Treadle In A Sentence?

  • The weaver puts his foot on the treadle of the odd threads and presses them down.
  • It now remains only to provide a fly-wheel and treadle with the communicating belt.
  • This crank is connected up by a pitman rod, with the triangularly shaped treadle frame.
  • Mohammed has a Western head on Eastern shoulders, and there was not a screw or tension from treadle to shuttle, which he did not learn the use of.
  • When the bars are white-hot the assistant hands them along; his mate grips them and inserts them in the dies, then presses the treadle with his foot.
  • It is worked by youths, one of whom heats the rods of metal, while the other sets them in the dies and presses the treadle that brings the machine head forward.

Definition of Treadle

(intransitive) To use a treadle. | A foot-operated pedal or lever that generates circular motion. | (biology) Chalaza.
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