Treasonable In A Sentence

Definition of Treasonable

involving or constituting treason

How To Use Treasonable In A Sentence?

  • The funds to further the treasonable conspiracy were also forwarded, as the need arose.
  • Men nudged their neighbours; some looked frightened and some grinned at the treasonable words.
  • The whole country was aroused over the treasonable designs and aims of the South.
  • The treasonable views entertained by Murray and his friends, are involved in no such doubt.
  • I hope that you have eradicated from your mind all those fallacious and treasonable ideas of republicanism.
  • Their ignorance has been trifled with by men who cover treasonable designs with a pretence of local patriotism.
  • I listened to him patiently, then hinted that an illiterate fellow like him should not be making treasonable speeches.
  • That you forthwith renounce your treasonable affection, love and interest in the personality of said supreme goddess.
  • Ruth read the epistle twice before its treasonable nature was made clear to her; before she understood the thing that was foreshadowed.
  • That we have nourished, in the privacy of our own intellects, treasonable thoughts or desires concerning alcohol!
  • They often speak of a person committing treason when the act committed is not treasonable at all, but is some less severe crime.
  • Both were shocked at the thought that a member of their household should have been engaged, even unwittingly, in such a treasonable affair.
  • Davis making speeches as treasonable as those of 1861, and these speeches endorsed and applauded by a great portion of their press and people!
  • Meanwhile no living soul knew aught of these treasonable aspirations; they were a secret between her and Sam.
  • That they are doing so, is amply evidenced by the recent 'democratic' and treasonable movements in Washington.
  • They created such uneasiness that the prominent Kentuckians made haste to clear themselves of all possible connection with any treasonable scheme.
  • He also excited considerable attention, and drew much trouble on himself, by his efforts in detecting the treasonable practices of the Jesuits.
  • The preceding administration, by their treasonable course, and anti-coercion heresies, had almost paralyzed the Government.
  • It is a document addressed to the nullifiers of South Carolina, occasioned by the late treasonable proceedings of their convention.
  • Is it not somewhat treasonable in you to have to do with a relative of the 'direful foe,' as the Morning Post calls his brother?
  • The Pharisees desire to tempt him, a Jew, into a statement treasonable to the Roman rule they had accepted.
  • As he was detected in treasonable correspondence with Spain, he became a culprit, but was spared after making a humiliating confession and submission.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Treasonable | Treasonable Sentence

  • Each accused the other of treasonable designs.
  • Burr Begins his Treasonable Plotting.
  • But the secret which they tried to force from you was a treasonable secret.
  • Burr began his treasonable scheming before he ceased to be Vice-President.
  • Then you suppose it is a treasonable business," answered Ravenswood.

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