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  • Such a lot of treasures in it!
  • Untold treasures are in our hands.
  • That treasures all her counsells.
  • It had certain treasures between its leaves.
  • These treasures bring before our eyes!
  • Lie there treasures hidden yonder?
  • He has expended immense treasures in this way.
  • The owner of the treasures began to look grave.
  • Such treasures to my little Lucy!
  • But Morse could boast treasures far beyond me.
  • He treasures his life in God like a love secret.
  • What are the treasures of heaven which we are to lay up for ourselves?
  • The treasures of art are spread out before him in the museums.
  • The other treasures in the vault were safe against the machinations of men!
  • Faith brought all her treasures to entertain her little visitor.
  • There she was with these treasures untouched, neglected and perplexed.
  • We would not exchange our abused treasures for her system of workmongery.
  • How many artistic treasures must have perished in the crucible of Cellini.
  • Oh, that I had never known what treasures the earth conceals!
  • And treasures buried long ago; I must a bit o'erlook them now.
  • And wreaths of blessing, from Olympus' height Shower treasures down.

How To Use Treasures In A Sentence?

  • Nature was his library, and she spread out her choicest treasures to this growing boy.
  • The position of the Alhambra is worthy in every respect of the treasures of art it contains.
  • Why smash not the gates, why not level the walls of the cities, Their treasures to pillage?
  • So perish the structures on which Hope is staid, And the treasures to which the heart holds.
  • Doubtless though the treasures were hidden from the common pilgrim, the altar was always accessible to his devotion.
  • Encouraged by the thought, we gave our treasures into safe keeping and permitted the attendant to disrobe us.
  • The treasures of heaven are not negations of passion but realities of intellect from which the passions emanate uncurbed in their eternal glory.
  • We can lay up treasures in ourselves that neither moth nor rust can corrupt, and which thieves cannot steal away.
  • As a specimen of oriental exaggeration, we shall give the list of these treasures as they are enumerated by eastern writers.
  • The beauties of the chapel, the treasures of the library and the other shows of the place become trivial by the side of the record.
  • There are the treasures of form and color, but from ignorant eyes more than half their charms and wonders are held back.
  • By their social system the intellectual treasures of the race had been distributed among the whole people, and committed to their care.
  • There were treasures of rarest old china and delfware, and curious old carved stands for fragile dishes.
  • I would not stop a night alone in those galleries, not for all the treasures those terrible looking men possessed when alive.
  • The Gentiles are to come from far bringing their treasures and doing homage to the people of the true faith.
  • Thus, it is your opinion that the treasures discovered in California will not increase the wealth of the world?
  • Glass cases round the room and on costly tables contain the fabulous treasures of the Shah and many of the Crown jewels.
  • And another specialty of the Roman Ghetto is that it is not altogether easy to obtain a sight of the miscellaneous treasures of this rag-fair.
  • This was simply to relieve that one of their number who for fifty years had kept watch and ward over the locality where certain treasures had been buried.

Definition of Treasures

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of treasure | plural of treasure
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