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  • The trellis was already occupied.
  • But the post of the trellis was within reach.
  • While under the trellis we drank in the June.
  • Down the trellis he came, with Pepper following.
  • There was a trellis over the door and jessamine swinging from it.
  • But if you stand by the trellis outside you can see everything.
  • Was there no prince to climb her trellis and bear her off beneath the moon?
  • They gain the summit of the plant by way of the wire trellis of the cage.
  • Mr. Smith was putting up a trellis for Miss Maggie's new rosebush.

How To Use Trellis In A Sentence?

  • Josiah had built a trellis against the back of the house for grapevines which had not prospered.
  • Technic is the trellis concealed beneath the foliage and the blossoms of the bower.
  • One of the negro assistants opened a gate in the trellis and motioned to a girl.
  • Beyond the window was the top of a back porch, with a trellis reaching to the ground.
  • He was as beautiful and new as a trellis of sweet peas, and as rollicking as a clarinet solo.
  • Nearer the parapet there lurks a way to the kitchen, masked by a little trellis porch.
  • Due to its height, the trellis tends to intercept quite a bit of water and dumps it at the base.
  • The latter was standing behind the trellis of his desk, and on a table lay ten rolls of money.
  • Oh, if I had only thought of climbing up the trellis again and pulling down that sash!
  • My father stood below, and I climbed up the trellis under the back window, which he pointed out.
  • Peeping through the trellis he saw a lovely child, a boy with golden tresses and large wondering eyes.
  • The air was scented with honeysuckle, and from an obscure corner behind a trellis the sound of a waltz floated.
  • The girls behind the trellis craned their necks to see what was going on, chattering shrilly among themselves.
  • At the back of the house is a trellis with a grape-vine running over it, and the top of it is just under one of the second-story windows.
  • From this radiates four stone causeways to the corners of the room; these are enclosed by an open trellis with stone balustrades.
  • A handsome residence is this, solidly built of wood and masonry, and with the trellis work carved with much elaboration.
  • New flooring had been laid there, and painted a handsome gray; the falling trellis between gate and door had been plumbed and renewed.
  • Within and above the last is a white marble enclosure, its outer wall entirely composed of marble trellis work of the most beautiful patterns.
  • The rose-arbor was odorous with perfume from the sweet-peas, clinging to the trellis that ran between the side lawn and the grape-arbor.
  • A trellis of rustic work in the Germanesque style divided the card into a centre and two side panels.
  • In a trice, two of them had stretched a wire trellis across one wall of the drawing-room, and two more were trailing roses from floor to ceiling.
  • She leaned against the trellis and gazed far across the silver-shot lake at the sun sinking, a great ball of crimson fire among the dark trees.
  • When Ursula turned away she abandoned her leafy throne, and swung herself from one of the branches on to the trellis that covered the wall.
  • At the top of this trellis dwells a ladybird, and in her cozy nest are three daughters, the youngest of whom I go to woo.
  • Here I erect a 125-foot-long, 6-foot-tall net trellis for gourmet delicacies like pole peas and pole beans.
  • Opposite to the verandah of my house they checked their horses, and looked through the trellis at me as if they expected me to run out, and give them the desired information.
  • The curtains were carefully pierced for musketry, and strengthened outside with a trellis work of bamboo, and finished off with banquettes on the ramparts.
  • The slender trellis of the wireless telegraph had added a prominent feature to its river bank; a few more empty cabins had been torn down for fire-wood.
  • By the trellis of grape vines she met the gnome, who was so much embarrassed at the sight of her that she became aware of his confusion while he was still quite a long way off.
  • He was staring straight before him at a trellis arch groaning under a weight of crimson rambler roses, but at the suggestion of trouble in his voice the girl swayed nearer to him.
  • The upper portion of the branch after having extended about one-third further up the roof, should be submitted to the same process, and this must be again repeated until the whole of the trellis is covered.

Definition of Trellis

(transitive) To train or arrange (plants) so that they grow against a trellis. | An outdoor garden frame which can be used for partitioning a common area. | An outdoor garden frame which can be used to grow vines or other climbing plants.
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