Trembling In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trembling | Trembling Sentence

  • You are trembling all over.
  • She was trembling all over.
  • She was trembling all over.
  • Viola was trembling all over.
  • He was trembling all over.
  • She was trembling with joy.
  • Nita was trembling with excitement.
  • He is trembling with fury.
  • She was trembling with his excitement.
  • She is trembling with happiness.
  • They were trembling all over and they were sweating.
  • I was trembling and sweating.
  • She was trembling still.
  • Oh the trembling and the terror!
  • Shears was trembling with rage.
  • Why were his knees trembling so?
  • She was trembling a little.
  • She was trembling with excitement.
  • She was trembling in his hold.
  • Wake trembling into music.
  • She was trembling exceedingly.
  • Maggie was trembling very violently.
  • Matilda was trembling with delight.
  • Are you trembling from fear?
  • Her lips were trembling now.
  • He was trembling with passion.
  • She was trembling violently.
  • Her hand was trembling too.
  • Ireland a trembling sod.
  • She was trembling now uncontrollably.
  • Suddenly the trembling ceased.
  • He was all trembling eagerness.
  • The trembling had ceased.
  • Karen controlled the trembling of her voice.
  • And he extended a trembling hand.

How To Use Trembling In A Sentence?

  • The child was trembling violently.
  • She was trembling in real earnest now.
  • His voice was trembling with distress.
  • Joe was literally trembling with rage.
  • She was trembling with suppressed wrath.

Definition of Trembling

present participle of tremble | a tremble
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