Trenches in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Trenches

1. Rifle in hand we leap from the trenches and assault. 🔊

2. The trenches were opened on the night of the 4th. 🔊

3. I went up into the trenches on Christmas night. 🔊

4. He's refused to dig trenches agin. 🔊

5. Outside long trenches were dug for the burial of the wreck victims. 🔊

6. I reckon workin' in the trenches won't be a healthy job from this time on. 🔊

7. She had been in the German and the French trenches on the line of battle. 🔊

How to use Trenches in Sentences?

1. These trenches were the nearest to headquarters and in a few minutes he would be in safety. 🔊

2. The trenches are made to lie so as to allow of the bank-slopes having the best exposure. 🔊

3. The second line of trenches held in spite of all attempts of the enemy to force them. 🔊

4. These trenches are usually laid out on contour, and do not exceed a length of 20 feet. 🔊

5. Men lived in trenches which had been merely water-logged ditches, but were now frozen into rock. 🔊

6. How could I have missed that even though I was in the trenches when it happened. 🔊

7. One, two, three times the Austrians charged the trenches in the Montenegrin center. 🔊

8. They laughed and joked with one another as they quitted the trenches to move forward over the open. 🔊

9. Below is an exact translation and gives the point of view of a man in the trenches on the other side of the line. 🔊

10. I do not believe that any great forward movement can be made on either side from or against these trenches in the winter time. 🔊

11. We find the 126th have no communication with the rear, as the communication trenches have been completely blown in. 🔊

12. Their whole army did not amount to 20,000 men, 4,000 of whom were left in the trenches and with the baggage. 🔊

13. We get up as far as we can, because after we part from our machines, everything must be carried up through the trenches by hand. 🔊