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How To Use Trepidation In A Sentence?

  • He came forward in a trepidation which was shared by few of the people about him.
  • It was with feelings of trepidation and alarm that he contemplated my approaching confinement.
  • It was immensely amusing to see the degrees of trepidation with which the others followed.
  • With an unwonted trepidation he climbed the studio stairs and rapped on the door.
  • Isabella lastly took her seat in the chair without trepidation or affectation of alarm.
  • Though he concealed it, he had experienced a considerable trepidation concerning the outcome.
  • The third man turned and fled in trepidation at the sight of the fate of his comrades.
  • Thus was the watching and waiting, in a flutter of trepidation and newly aroused passion.
  • He sat up in bed, in the mechanical trepidation which we all feel on waking with such a start.
  • I own that it was with feelings of some trepidation that I approached the place.
  • I turned and smiled into his face, happy in greeting him, losing the trepidation my rags gave me.
  • Is your soul insensible to the trepidation of your body, or what I have not in my power to do?
  • Mrs. Anderson was in continual trepidation about it, though she tried not to believe it.
  • The hawk in trepidation soars away, pursued for many a yard, too slow to strike back effectively.
  • With all the trepidation of the veriest little amateur, I hoisted sail and got under way.
  • The Cowardly Lion overcame his fear and ignored the trepidation within his heart.
  • Suspense and trepidation 209 VIII.
  • The mention of his name is enough to send you into convulsions of trepidation and maidenly confusion.
  • The nervous trepidation had gone, for there was no room for it alongside of the anger which flashed through him.
  • Now trepidation was at his throat again, and there was no escape from a choice that would put a label on him.
  • In a flash she remembered everything, and with trembling trepidation she asked herself was she late?
  • Even the smile mingled with trepidation upon the girl's face was most naturally portrayed.
  • I once came upon a group of boys who did, and they kept me in a state of trepidation for a goodly part of the evening.
  • He anchored in the neighbouring harbour until the wind was in the right quarter, and with some trepidation put his ships into the boiling tideway.
  • From the door of that cottage emerges a figure, the countenance full of the trepidation of some dread woe feared or remembered.
  • The unhappy moments of these bull-fighting days had come, the trepidation of the last hours before going to the plaza.
  • The motives of our trepidation were, indeed, different, and were infinitely more powerful in my case than in his.
  • Dink arose, watched with some trepidation by the rest; for being in the front row he could receive no signal.
  • It was not, however, without a feeling of trepidation natural to a stranger that she made her way to that meeting when the afternoon arrived.
  • I left him a message and betook myself with as great trepidation as ever to Dorothy's house.
  • The smuggler without trepidation proceeded to knock, and on the door being opened the kegs were placed inside without parley of any kind.
  • Her agitation was contagious, and I waited in silent trepidation to learn the mystery of her emotion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trepidation | Trepidation Sentence

  • Her trepidation increased, and she grew pale.
  • In some trepidation Julia knocked.
  • In much trepidation I struck a light.
  • It was with some trepidation that she approached her on the morrow.
  • But he felt some trepidation as he walked through the swing-doors.
  • There was no trepidation such as he had felt in speaking to May.
  • Then I lay still and waited in much trepidation for the second knock.
  • He was in some trepidation at the idea of meeting Mr. Yorke.

Definition of Trepidation

A fearful state; a state of hesitation or concern. | An involuntary trembling, sometimes an effect of paralysis, but usually caused by terror or fear; quaking; quivering. | (astronomy, obsolete) A libration of the starry sphere in the Ptolemaic system; a motion ascribed to the firmament, to account for certain small changes in the position of the ecliptic and of the stars.
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