Trespassers In A Sentence

Definition of Trespassers

plural of trespasser

How To Use Trespassers In A Sentence?

  • The road was strictly private, and there was a notice up that trespassers would be prosecuted.
  • No thieves to fell his trees, no trespassers to trample down his corn and meadows!
  • The two trespassers sat scowling inside the gate, watching him closely for the first hostile sign.
  • A few moments later the trespassers were escorted through the lines and taken directly to headquarters.
  • She danced until the great rough guards had to run round the arena with clubbed butts and beat back trespassers who would have mobbed her.
  • Because, of course, we knew we were trespassers of the very deepest dye, even if we could prove that we were not real coiners.
  • They would be suspected of theft, or of some other evil intention, or would at least be looked upon as trespassers and reported to the managers.
  • We found the pinewood, and the field, and the house had all got boards to say what would be done to trespassers with the utmost rigour of the law.
  • Greater care is taken to keep trespassers off the line and the modern system of transverse sleepers for the track hardly permits of lying down between the metals.
  • But the space between the bridge end and the arena, and the arena itself, had to be kept free from trespassers by fifty swaggering ruffians armed to the teeth.
  • They turned back, accordingly, and each of the trespassers was compelled to shoulder an oak post, with much blasphemy and threatening of future adjustment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trespassers | Trespassers Sentence

  • All trespassers will be prosecuted.
  • The white trespassers kept coming in.

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