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  • But the trials of the priests were not yet over.
  • Will you not have still greater trials of faith?
  • Also of their separate trials of standard and weight.
  • The trials of man are of two kinds.
  • Harrigan began to recount the trials of forgetfulness.
  • Are they to know the trials of life, and not its joys?
  • The trials of ministers long ago were truly great.
  • The trials of Peter tested his fidelity.
  • Doctor Holmes does not forget the trials of authorship.
  • Trials of the Frontier Preachers.
  • She is really, I assure you, one of the trials of my life.
  • Or, The Trials of the Moore Family.
  • It is by hardening the belly that the trials of war are met.
  • Our trials of faith have never been so sharp as during this week.
  • The heaviest burdens and greatest trials of her life were now over.
  • We owe much to these trainings and these trials of marksmanship.
  • One man at least was much impressed by these trials of skill.
  • These were simply solemn trials of great offenders under legislative forms.
  • Relating the trials of two girls who take boarders on an old farm.
  • The abuse of letter-writing is one of the greatest trials of the epoch.
  • The power of all the griefs and trials of a man is hidden beneath its words.
  • This has been a week full of trials of faith, but also full of deliverances.
  • Mrs. Simpson herself was well acquainted with these trials of the spirit.
  • There were no trials of skill at chess, no duets, no solos, this evening.
  • And now began the trials of Xanthippe, the wife of the literary man.

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  • She was suffering so much from the trials of the night that she was hardly in her senses.
  • Some were begging for decisions in their favor; some for fresh trials of their cases.
  • The trials of that expedition ruined his health, and he survived it but a few years.
  • His health is weakened by the trials of a long mission, but what matters this to him?
  • He is the life of the collection, and will survive the severest trials of heat and cold.
  • We were fairly off, before she seemed fully to realize the trials of her new position.
  • The following case will present a specimen of my trials of the lunar caustic in larger ulcers.
  • Is she not a practiced henchman, whose trials of her enemies are the worst mockery of justice?
  • This character, however, seems to have been softened by the trials of his novitiate.
  • The visit was further enlivened by sham fights, feats of arms, and trials of strength.
  • The struggles and trials of the early Christians are graphically described in this volume.
  • The will, in order to act in the sad trials of life, has need of being sustained by certainty.
  • The disappointments and trials of womanhood, too, prompted many to seek seclusion from the world.
  • The trials of the Continental army had never been matched since the trade of war began.
  • They had trials of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover, of bonds and imprisonment.
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