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  • The tribune was there.
  • Robespierre clutched at the tribune with both hands.
  • The tribune at once knew her voice.
  • That tribune was a place of strength and of virtue.
  • But to make an assault upon the tribune is a family crime.
  • The tribune is peace, and the tribune is conquest.
  • The French tribune was founded.
  • The reason was that the tribune of France had quivered.
  • The last great Tribune of the world is dead!
  • Could this be the State Tribune he held in his hand?
  • Belong on the Tribune Staff, and shall write occasionally.
  • Yes, that tribune M. Bonaparte has overthrown.
  • Allait-il laisser la tribune à Saint-Just?
  • The Tribune 193 IV.
  • By The National Tribune Company.
  • So the tribune bade all that were present withdraw themselves.
  • At certain hours the quiver of that tribune was an earthquake.
  • The tribune shines for the people, and they are not unaware of it.
  • The difficulty was that to become tribune he must cease to be a patrician.
  • The tribune seems to have quieted his fears and guaranteed his safety.
  • What the Tribune Accomplished 205 VIII.
  • Now the box in the tribune I had watched so long was filled with strangers.
  • C'est qu'il a assisté de la tribune à la chute de Robespierre.
  • I called on him in the Tribune office, but I was not intending to.
  • But, sir, the tribune is already here, With your fair captive.

How To Use Tribune In A Sentence?

  • A speaker acquainted him from the tribune with his election, amidst the plaudits of the people.
  • Les questions étrangères ont été débattues à la tribune pendant cette discussion.
  • One word dropped from the tribune always takes root somewhere, and becomes a thing.
  • I agree with them it has no equal; but in the tribune at Florence maybe found its superior.
  • It also thinks that the Tribune is a try weakly and unique daily, besides being a four centenary.
  • The French tribune has been, these sixty years, the open mouth of human intelligence.
  • La chaire, ornée du drapeau aux couleurs de la nation, servait de tribune aux harangues.
  • In the Tribune above, surrounded by prelates, was the amorous and still handsome King.
  • The State Tribune gave column reports of the hearings, and little editorial pushes besides.
  • On that tribune the guillotine had its orator, Marat; and the Inquisition its Montalembert.
  • He is openly opposed by the praetors Cato and Servilius and the tribune Q. Mucius.
  • It was no doubt with this knowledge that Paine declared from the tribune that George III.
  • Pray attach him to yourself by your liberal treatment of him: he is a military tribune in your army.
  • The New York Tribune commissioned him to go to Cuba to report the facts of some Spanish outrages.

Definition of Tribune

An elected official in Ancient Rome. | A protector of the people. | The domed or vaulted apse in a Christian church that houses the bishop's throne.
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