Tribute in a sentence

Definition of Tribute

(transitive) To pay as tribute. | An acknowledgment of gratitude, respect or admiration; an accompanying gift. | A payment made by one nation to another in submission.

How to use Tribute in a Sentence?

  • And yet we have said nothing about the tribute every cultivator pays to the manufacturer.
  • It was the moment he had waited for, the moment of paying some fitting tribute to her generosity.
  • I feel that at this time it may be in line to pay a slight tribute to our friend the squirrel.
  • Sir Nicholas is supposed to have won his bride by paying that costly tribute to her faith.
  • The tribute of a thousand bowers, Rich in their store of fragrant flowers.
  • Who sweetened toil like him, or paid To love a tribute dearer?
  • Which was a final reluctant tribute to the force of kindness that had been Effie May.
  • Its history should be an enduring tribute to American courage and American organizing genius.
  • Enid was mollified at last, as she always was by any tribute to the acumen of the parent whom she adored.
  • This is not the place to add my tribute of affection and appreciation to the many memoirs of him which have appeared in the public prints.
  • Students and many others put on mourning for him and schools were closed for two or three days as a tribute to his memory.
  • A tribute let me pay, To Him who hath His mercies shewn, And sent another day.
  • I have had no compliment, no praise, no tribute from any source, that was so precious to me as this one was and still is.
  • It is said that the tribute was formerly paid in gold in some part of the island; but gold is not now obtained there in any considerable quantity.
  • We laid him down gently, folded his arms on his breast, and for a moment held our peace in tribute to his passing.
  • At his funeral some hundreds of people, representing various religious and other bodies, attended to pay their last tribute of respect to him.
  • She had inspired the soul of an artist with a great concept of womanhood, and had, in effect, demanded an immediate personal tribute from him.
  • The tribute extorted after 1802 and the cost of keeping the ships in the Mediterranean amount at the lowest estimate to two millions more.
  • My own favourite is the fifth tale, a spirited and generous tribute to England's war effort.
  • His installation has also cost him L1,200, of which certainly more than half went as tribute to the idle barons of industry.
  • The price to be paid to the Wannias for animals delivered above their tribute has been stated in the letter of the Hon.
  • From 1068 they began to make visitations of the whole country, and take tribute and offerings in sign of the Armagh leadership.
  • Like the Athenians, we send every year a heavy boatload of youths and maidens as tribute to this monster which rules the labyrinth of our society.
  • Mr. Wilfrid Gibson's tribute took the form of a short poem called "The Going": He's gone.

Short Example Sentence for Tribute

  • Implores the passing tribute of a sigh.
  • The tribute is paid in rice.
  • The spontaneous tribute touched her.
  • Envy was the one tribute which most assuaged her vanity.
  • When the tribute is due, fewer of them appear.
  • These "myths" are an unconscious tribute to his greatness.
  • As the tribute of Holmes to the grand Marseillaise.
  • It was because of this tribute to the condition of her conscience.
  • They came here periodically to receive tribute and to dispense justice.
  • The article was a beautiful tribute to mamma and every word in it true.
  • Helen, watching him, remained quite unconscious of the tribute to herself.
  • There is one quarter of a hide of land and it paid tribute for 1/16 of a hide.
  • No stranger, no adversary, no protector exacts tribute from him.
  • For the tribute payable to Persia no single individual is responsible.
  • A Tribute to Ebon C. Ingersoll, By his Brother Robert.
  • It cut out a famous war correspondent's tribute to the bravery of the enemy.

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