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  • Raindrops trickle down from the leaves of the trees.
  • From the pipe a deliberate trickle of water fell.
  • A trickle of water came through the arbour roof.
  • The blood began to trickle slowly down his cheek.
  • I blinked and blinked, but one would trickle down my nose.
  • There was a trickle of water down the quarsteel he was leaning against!
  • All this came out of her like an unctuous trickle of some acrid oil.
  • Over the noise of the leaves and the trickle of the spring sounded a rustle.
  • There was still a tiny trickle flowing down the channel made by the bomb.
  • The pool was fed by a trickle of water from a jumble of rocks at one end.
  • Not a spring or the tiniest trickle of water wet its rocky side for miles.
  • I sat down, stretched out on my back and let the smoke trickle up.
  • Then the trickle of water gives one something like a new sensation.
  • Down went the bottle on the floor, and the oil began to trickle out.
  • How the sunshine overhead Seemed to trickle through the shade.
  • Spill don't describe the warm trickle of good liquor down a man's throat.
  • A broad trickle of crimson spread down the lathered jaw, But he did not curse.
  • Dane's head ached intolerably, and a warm trickle ran into one of his eyes.

How To Use Trickle In A Sentence?

  • Gradually the trickle of the rain from an overflowing waterpipe took the sound of a tune.
  • It was perhaps more of a trickle than a fade, but as a disappearance it was complete.
  • Consciousness poured a trickle through his being, and he felt he was partially awake.
  • For a time she lay at ease listening to the trill of birds and the trickle of water.
  • The tumbling hill streams were reduced to a trickle among the rocks of their beds.
  • He had an ugly cut in his forehead, whence a trickle of blood crawled over his face.
  • I perceived a large tear trickle slowly down his cheek, as though wrung from his very heart.
  • The sound seemed to penetrate to his ear, and slowly a few tears began to trickle down his cheeks.
  • He stood white and trembling for some time, a scarlet trickle of blood running from one nostril.
  • They trickle down into high, green valleys, under the shadow of snow-capped cliffs.
  • He approaches Philemon and extends his hand, while tears trickle down his cheeks.
  • Nevertheless, Miss Tancred kept him beside her until she exhausted her trickle of small talk.
  • The sweat began to trickle over my eyes with the exertion, and my sight was half dazed by the rapid play.
  • A trickle of blood made a crimson line from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes sparkled with helpless rage.
  • They watered their horses at the thin trickle of water in the canon-bed and then rode slowly past a weirdly fenced field.
  • The other was puffing closed, and his lip was torn, a trickle of blood rising there to drip down his chin.
  • From it the rills of knowledge soon trickle along the first furrows, as strange to the soil as its new products.
  • For all that, a fine trickle of blood that came down my left sleeve and stained my hand made me feel uneasy.
  • The word passed us and fled down the streets, sweeping before the hesitating trickle which crept along the gutters.
  • She raised his head upon her arm and, holding the cup, let part of its contents trickle between his lips.
  • Suzanne clasped her hands on her breast and the tears, brimming in her eyes, spilled over, falling in a trickle down her cheeks.
  • The bundle, with a kind of animate indifference, slowly sagged, opened, and things began to trickle from it in its journey across the platform.

Definition of Trickle

(transitive) to pour a liquid in a very thin stream, or so that drops fall continuously. | (intransitive) to flow in a very thin stream or drop continuously. | (intransitive) To move or roll slowly.
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