Tricky in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Tricky

1. I think he is tricky about it. 🔊

2. Here is where the tricky ox comes in. 🔊

3. A dress-coat is a very tricky thing. 🔊

4. You said you wanted a pink tricky one. 🔊

5. These alarm systems are tricky things to hold. 🔊

6. His tricky methods were becoming known to the public. 🔊

7. Rather tricky work, though, getting back. 🔊

8. She's as tricky as a woman. 🔊

9. I think you're a tricky scoundrel. 🔊

10. He sprang down and went immediately in search of the tricky animal. 🔊

11. You may have married a healthy animal, but animals are tricky and uncertain. 🔊

12. I want to find a man as tricky with his brains as I am with my hands. 🔊

13. I don't trust Mr. Narkom's proverbially tricky memory for names. 🔊

14. But I hope you keep your eye out for that tricky Squire, Fred. 🔊

15. That Nobody, I'm much afraid, Is quite a tricky elf. 🔊

How to use Tricky in Sentences?

1. This time as he dove the ball took a tricky bounce and slipped through his arms. 🔊

2. An' 'ang me if she wasn't goin' in for that there very tricky jumper you wanted! 🔊

3. For I must confess that there are a few men in our trade who are as tricky as horse jockeys. 🔊

4. Then they would attempt to get the Fiat going and finally, the old and tricky Mercedes. 🔊

5. But I'd never had a crazy man to deal with, and I didn't realize how tricky and quick they are. 🔊

6. A firm of tricky lawyers had persuaded her to this in the hope of getting some money out of it themselves. 🔊

7. By the use of this they could bring it to the ground at once when the wind was tricky and their balance was threatened. 🔊

8. Then ensued a flight and running combat in a tricky fog that lifted and closed down over and over again. 🔊

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