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  • It was a trilogy of gun-drawing.
  • Original selections of poems, with a trilogy and oration.
  • Any attempt to give a political tendency to the trilogy must be held wasted.
  • The third play of the trilogy is almost foolish, with its prating gods.
  • Each tragedy or trilogy resembles the fragment of a sublime Epic poem.

How To Use Trilogy In A Sentence?

  • This triumphant trilogy embossed upon volcanic slate, more crumpled paper than firm land.
  • So she stands midmost of that trilogy of saints whose dust is said to rest in Down.
  • The third and last book in this remarkable trilogy of novels relating to Southern Reconstruction.
  • The first of the famous trilogy of historical romances of Poland, Russia, and Sweden.
  • Yet it is not a trilogy in the proper sense, but a play in ten acts, preceded by a dramatic prelude.
  • The remaining play of the trilogy performed in 438 strikes a chord that proved more dangerous to Euripides.
  • These three books the author regarded as a trilogy upon English politics, principles, and possibilities.
  • They comprise, these three M's, the trilogy on which the existence of the Empire now depends.
  • The Trilogy of Dante is a study of the soul in its slow and painful passage from hell, through purgatory, to heaven.
  • In all these years, however, he cherished the plan of producing a trilogy in the Wagnerian manner with a groundwork from Florentine history.
  • With this great duet, which is one of the most extraordinary numbers in the trilogy for dramatic power and musical expression of human emotion, this division closes.
  • If the Theban trilogy of the elder poet had remained entire, a similar impression might have been produced by the Oedipus Tyrannus.
  • The works of that period form a kind of trilogy of philosophy, by which the faint outlines of the absolute selfhood is shown acquiring definite consistency in the moral organisation of society.
  • From the latter year until 1876, when the trilogy was produced at Baireuth, he gave himself wholly to the work of completing it and preparing it for the stage.

Definition of Trilogy

A set of three works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works. They are commonly found in literature, film, or video games.
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