Trim in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Trim

1. Press them and trim the edges. 🔊

2. Genty, trim and elegant. 🔊

3. He remembered it trim and well kept. 🔊

4. Colliver watched the trim advertising man saunter off. 🔊

5. And how fresh and trim and clean the man always looked! 🔊

6. The way was long, and she in no great trim for walking. 🔊

7. And keeping trim the Cotsall stone. 🔊

8. I don't think that's good, to trim them too high. 🔊

9. As I rose I towered high over the little-bodied, trim man. 🔊

10. Tea was brought out by the butler, assisted by a trim parlor-maid. 🔊

11. But he had had a restful sleep, and felt in fine trim for anything. 🔊

12. The universal white "waist" is so pretty and trim on the American girl. 🔊

13. A trim steam-launch, with Union Jack floating over her stern, awaited us. 🔊

How to use Trim in Sentences?

1. His hands that had been so trim and slender were swelled up too big for his gloves. 🔊

2. The other alternative is to trim the ends when the bulk of the rubber is thoroughly smoke-dried. 🔊

3. He was not so young on a closer inspection as his trim alert figure had seemed to indicate. 🔊

4. When the sawing has been completed stone-cutters trim and prepare the marble for shipment. 🔊

5. It was a trim little town with a normal population of less than three thousand souls. 🔊

6. For the rest, she had a trim figure and wore new gloves which fitted perfectly. 🔊

7. It was heavy blue satin with pink roses all over it, and there was real lace to trim it with. 🔊

8. Here was a waist whose trim outlines would have done no disgrace to a well-set-up English girl. 🔊

9. She would make Mrs. Holt a "Sunday apron," she said, and she bought the lace to trim it with. 🔊

10. And she began to flap out a long white piece of cotton cloth on the table to trim into just the desired shape. 🔊