Trinket In A Sentence

Definition of Trinket

(obsolete) To give trinkets; to court favour. | A small showy ornament or piece of jewelry | A thing of little value; a trifle; a toy.

How To Use Trinket In A Sentence?

  • Not a single relic or trinket in my possession constituted a memorial of my family.
  • This trinket here is a copy in paste and worth perhaps some seven shillings sixpence.
  • My father had one of the pieces mounted as a trinket which he hung on his watch-chain.
  • In dismay, the two girls watched the trinket settle slowly to the bottom of the pool.
  • In her opinion the trinket offered almost conclusive proof that the bridegroom had visited the locality.
  • Matilda wrapped up the trinket again and put it away, and went to bed; as happy as it seemed possible for her to be.
  • They also carry trinket baskets, but these are larger than those used by the women of the other tribe and are lacking in bead and bell pendants.
  • He has to give the bridesmaids a present (generally some trinket is chosen), and the bride receives her bouquet from him.
  • That little trinket had been the entering wedge through which he had worked his way into the Garden and started on the road to fortune.
  • He was from the first very fearful for my safety, and to ease his mind I showed him the trinket and told him of our compact.
  • On her black hand shines a golden ring shaped like a snake with ruby eyes, and of this trinket the Bee is very proud.
  • A trinket coin with hollow ring, A barbarous or childish thing Passed downward idly to our time.
  • Clavering felt that the dollars the trinket had cost him had not been wasted; but though he concealed his disgust tolerably well, the maid noticed it.
  • Now, had George but known it, Becky had jewels in leather cases in the vaults of her bank which put his sapphire trinket to shame.
  • She seemed to ask how a woman could doubt the identity of a trinket she had clasped about her neck a thousand times, and pored over while it lay in some hidden nest.
  • She had worn the trinket hidden under her black sleeve for a long time after his death, with the regretful constancy one sometimes shows in doing some little kindness all too late.
  • After that there were no sounds save the snip, snip, snip of the pliers and the occasional low grating from a jeweled trinket as the steel hook gouged into the metal.
  • He held out the ape-head, and when Joseph could see nothing save the face of David, he pushed the trinket back toward the huge man.
  • So fearful was I that it would escape your memory, that I thought I would send you this little trinket by way of reminder.
  • He brought his story to an end by depositing the trinket before the ancient man and then stood back, his face still working, and waited with every show of confident curiosity.
  • I believe he chose to exaggerate the inquisitiveness of his nature and threw in for good measure a desire to recover a prized trinket of no particular moment, esteemed for its associations, and so forth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trinket | Trinket Sentence

  • The man studied the trinket for a moment.
  • I had neither trinket nor coin to stimulate the treachery of others.
  • He put the trinket in his pocket and continued on, soon to forget it.
  • Have I ever wounded you more deeply than a trinket would cure?
  • A trinket jingled--a tawdry rhinestone side-comb.

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