Triumphal In A Sentence

Definition of Triumphal

Of, relating to, or being a triumph. | That celebrates or commemorates a triumph or victory. | (obsolete) A token of victory.

How To Use Triumphal In A Sentence?

  • Simonides had vowed that he was already hunting for the metres of a triumphal ode.
  • Then he watched her in what seemed something of a triumphal progress through the crowded hall.
  • Sometimes women themselves in these triumphal processions had done the zopilote or buzzard dance.
  • Suddenly he seemed to hear strange triumphal sounds floating in the air above his head.
  • One of the engineer officers had quite a triumphal arch of green erected before his tent.
  • Twenty cubits of the city wall were pulled down to make a gate for the triumphal entry.
  • Introduced by the latter, our explorers made a kind of triumphal entry into the village.
  • The dead body was surmounted by a waxen effigy of great size, arrayed in the triumphal ornaments.
  • She and the Baron went about and she gave concerts, and it was just a triumphal tour.
  • Surrounded by her loved ones, Jessica made a second triumphal journey down the stairs.
  • A grand reception, with many costly triumphal arches, was prepared for him in Manila.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Triumphal | Triumphal Sentence

  • Another triumphal arch.
  • His journey was a triumphal march.
  • His career was a triumphal progress.
  • His journey was a triumphal procession.
  • Venetian masts and triumphal arches arose.
  • A public and triumphal entry was determined on.
  • The triumphal monument remained virgin of this defilement.
  • She advanced like the leader of a triumphal procession.
  • It seemed to loom before him with a smug triumphal sneer.
  • Look at they fules trying to pit up yon triumphal arch!
  • The triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
  • Our arrival at Bombay was a triumphal entry.
  • The streets of London were spanned by triumphal arches.
  • His journey to Newport was indeed a triumphal one.
  • A trumpet, slightly off-key, blared a triumphal salute.
  • At Trenton, New Jersey, a triumphal arch had been erected.
  • The return of the team lacked something of its triumphal spirit.
  • The progress of the expedition up the river resembled a triumphal procession.
  • Then she raises her eyes to settle them painfully on our triumphal equipage.
  • This street ended in a gateway in the form of a triumphal arch.
  • Deep now and sonorous sounded manly voices as in some triumphal chant.
  • Paganini's tour was one continual triumphal progress.
  • Altogether, the journey through the hall was a sort of triumphal progress.
  • Then the retreat began; but it was more like a triumphal progress.
  • My triumphal car,' said his captive.
  • It has a beautiful triumphal arch, begun in 1807 and finished in 1838.
  • He was seated in a triumphal chariot, drawn by eight milk-white horses.
  • One remarkable monument found at Kabah resembles a triumphal arch.
  • That was the triumphal entrance of "Work" towards a definite goal.

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