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  • Deane gave her some trivial order.
  • That is the trivial side of the affair.
  • I had thought the boy of no trivial dimensions.
  • The most trivial duties remind us of God.
  • There is no need for them to know that more than a trivial sum is at stake.
  • It did not matter what trivial accidents led to this culmination.
  • Nor did it signify how trivial might be the matter originally in dispute.
  • She had screamed as loud as she intended to scream over so trivial a matter.
  • She did not weep; tears were trivial before a destiny such as this.

How To Use Trivial In A Sentence?

  • Sheen found himself noticing the most trivial things with extraordinary clearness.
  • The conversation in which she was engaged suddenly became trivial and unimportant to her.
  • The thing he was attempting became trivial when compared with the possible benefits to her.
  • She is yet but a child, and the things she does of her own motion trivial and vain.
  • In matters of the most trivial nature, religious precedents direct their management of the young.
  • The authority of the man, in work, in public affairs, is something trivial in comparison.
  • Does this seem a trivial aim for those who are bending their energies to attain a high standing in classics and mathematics?
  • It was as if one had dipped into something primordial and stupendous beneath the smooth and trivial surfaces of life.
  • One hopes despairingly that something of the spirit of lonely beauty speaks to these trivial heads and hearts.
  • Sometimes rural communities are ridiculed because of the trivial nature of their gossip, interests, and ambitions.
  • The beauties of the chapel, the treasures of the library and the other shows of the place become trivial by the side of the record.
  • Nor did she ever lose her tenderness of heart, nor her quick observation of trivial detail in the absorbing interests of her greatness.
  • The most trivial incident has to be interpreted; every word and deed and thought becomes full of a deep significance.
  • Under the sheet of Niagara the beating of your heart seems too trivial a movement to take reckoning of.
  • On the other hand, they will often stay at home for trivial reasons, having no idea of the need of regular attendance.
  • We talked for a few moments of trivial things, till a chance question of mine drew from him a sad statement of his own health.
  • Because play seems trivial to us we assume it is so to them; we would banish the trivial from the day devoted to the higher life.
  • Our trivial song to honor those who come With ears attuned to strenuous trump and drum.
  • The Ghost is really one of the play's failures, it is so trivial and unspiritual and vulgar.
  • I never saw him flinch but once, and that before a thing which seemed so trivial that I counted it but a matter of physical repulsion.
  • You are living in the current of the world, which washes away so many trivial things, and effaces old impressions with a thousand new ones.
  • I thanked God that nothing trivial was in my heart to mar the stupendousness of my love, my first real passion for a woman!
  • Remember that Nature makes every man love all women, and trusts the trivial matter of special choice to the commonest accident.
  • The vicious brutality of the attack following so trivial an offense aroused Bill Carmody's anger.
  • And however trivial the circumstance I have related may appear, yet it early stamped upon my mind a lesson which after years have not effaced.
  • Rebstock declined to appear upon so trivial a matter, and Whispering Smith refused to specify a further grievance.
  • While I lived at Penge two little things happened to me, trivial in themselves and yet in their quality profoundly significant.
  • Just to be free again from the sensation of stifling in trivial things, of suffocating in the monotony which rushed over one like a torrent of ashes.
  • Michael was often so excited about trivial things that the listener was not able to guess whether his present mood was the outcome of some small irritation or of something far more sinister.
  • Katharine now renewed her signs of leave-taking; she had drawn on one of her gloves, and looked about her as if in search of some trivial saying to end with.
  • The first symptoms were a trick of borrowing: at the outset such trivial things as a daily paper to which he should have subscribed, or books which he should have bought for himself.

Definition of Trivial

Ignorable; of little significance or value. | Commonplace, ordinary. | Concerned with or involving trivia.
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