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How To Use Trod In A Sentence?

  • From the marks on it, it was evident that he must have trod upon it in entering.
  • He to be thus under the rod who had trod the plains with a free foot and snuffed the mountain air!
  • As she retired in despair, she trod by accident on the paw of his favourite spaniel.
  • On the stairs she trod as lightly as possible, and she closed her door without a sound.
  • Early in the season the birds lie until almost trod upon, and of all game are the easiest to net.
  • It fell silently, without a break, for only its feet far below trod the thunder.
  • Therefore I trod my own grief down into my heart, and rejoiced with my friends.
  • And so he trod in weary circles, returning always to the same point, with an almost audible groan.
  • I passed up through broad stairways, and over carpets such as I had never trod nor woven.
  • The floor is of loose stone, now trod by sheep and foxes, once by the Indian and the wolf.
  • His footstep echoed from the street below as firm and full of stately majesty as when he trod the boards in his most exalted characters.
  • It seemed that the foot of man had never trod either a rock of the beach or a blade of the grass on the prairies.
  • They toppled huge over the great-clustered buildings as we trod outward toward the harbour mouth....
  • As long as the horses trod into them all went well, but a few inches to the right or left generally brought them blundering on to their noses.
  • Out of heedlessness, they trod upon the worms and the frogs, and killed them without caring for the pain and suffering which they caused.
  • To a man on one of these frames the fleeces in their compact little bundles were tossed up, and he trod them down, packing them in the sack.
  • SeƱor Ortega trod on my heels and after sitting down opposite me threw an ill-natured glance at the festive scene.
  • She trod the uneven floor as some creature caged, on her face that which boded no good to the next comer, whoever he might be.
  • We strode through the empty room, awakening dismal echoes as we trod the bare boards, and flung open the other door.
  • That my foot ever trod their flower-strewed paths, that my hand plucked their glorious roses, seems now a dream.
  • The servant-maid and the little boy came down directly to look for him, but though they almost trod upon him, they could not see him.
  • The poor scholar is another type that under varying forms and under various circumstances has ever trod the stage of Irish history.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trod | Trod Sentence

  • I trod on her heart!
  • I trod as quiet as the night.
  • Grim trod the ash into the carpet.
  • Who trod with me the paths where science led.
  • And the children trod in the steps of their parents.
  • That ever trod the dewy green.
  • Kibei trod this lower corridor with sombre tread.
  • He warily trod on the dry rustling leaves.
  • I need only say that he trod upon it when he walked.
  • Has thy foot ever trod that silent dell?
  • And the monks trod backward and forward down the line of neutrality.
  • For a few moments they trod the winding gravel path in silence.
  • Quickly he trod the old familiar streets which led to his former home.
  • Democrates held the light high and trod gently over to the prostrate men.
  • Keaeh Buzoorg Oomeid trod faithfully in the footprints of his predecessor.
  • With victorious legions These crests Caesar trod and selected a camp.
  • As when I trod it first, nor ever here Doth my unquiet spirit feel at home.
  • I trod out silently, sick of myself, at heart ... as I have often, often been.

Definition of Trod

To walk heavily or laboriously; plod; tread | A track or pathway.
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