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How To Use Trolls In A Sentence?

  • In Iceland it is believed that at daybreak or upon the ringing of a bell the trolls flee.
  • All at once the three trolls came rushing along, hoping to overtake the Prince.
  • When Peer, at the last moment, refuses to go through the ceremony, the trolls dash at him.
  • Then all the trolls burst out laughing: "Ha, ha, ha!" they laughed and held on to one another.
  • And he had scarcely done that before all three Trolls came flying along, thinking they would overtake them.
  • The trolls had to clear out at last, but Peter stayed and enjoyed himself with all the Christmas fare the whole week.
  • Then all the other trolls began to wash; but the longer it lasted the blacker and uglier it grew, until at last it looked as though it had been up the chimney.
  • In that sense it lacks authority(?), moreover it is a homophone, used by our poet in 'And trolls and pixies unbeknown'.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trolls | Trolls Sentence

  • The trolls and giants of Scandinavia.
  • After that the trolls were not heard of there for many years.
  • The trolls are big giants who live in the mountains and are very rarely seen.
  • Like two trolls peering out of Hell's Gate.

Definition of Trolls

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of troll | plural of troll
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