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  • His troop follows him in silence.
  • See the troop is on the ground by daylight.
  • In the centre of the troop there was a flying carriage.
  • In an incredibly short time the troop was in position.
  • There might be a troop of ugly old girls in each house.
  • The troop came up and the order "Charge" was given.
  • A troop of waiting-women at her heels! CLIN.
  • By this time more of the troop had come up, and had been halted.
  • A whole troop of horses came into my room and tore the mattress to pieces.
  • At length the manager died, and the troop was thrown into confusion.
  • The 2 companies on troop duty practical work, preparation for the schools.
  • Who are you troop in high communion met, Like an assembled family of princes?
  • Yesterday a troop of Kurdish freebooters appeared before Banfi-Hunyad.
  • In trotted a troop of horses, neighing loudly, "Who stole our flowing manes?

How To Use Troop In A Sentence?

  • Society is a troop of thinkers, and the best heads among them take the best places.
  • Shortly before sunset the troop in the road began to advance, riding resolutely into the ravine.
  • About sunrise the troop left camp in a body, later spreading fanwise over the prairies.
  • The two Bulgarians saluted each other and the troop separated to make a path for the automobile.
  • I narrowly escaped being caught by a troop of the 9th Lancers, every man of whom knows me.
  • The troop in the highroad prepared to camp just below the treacherous pass in which the ambush was known to be laid.
  • They were already at the door as he said this, and a troop of servants had assembled to receive them.
  • Go straight on, and thou wilt come to a castle before which a whole troop of soldiers will be lying asleep.
  • Still, when all was said and done, it was a gallant troop that responded to her call and mustered at her summons.
  • If there was another panther around, he did not show himself, and at the break of day the troop was once more on the way.
  • The captain ordered the troop to halt at the distance of a pistol shot from it; and enjoined profound silence.
  • If they were attacked they were to take refuge in a log barn, and defend it until the rest of the troop could come to their rescue.
  • There was no suspicion, he begged to assure us, that we might attempt to practise espionage about troop movements.
  • Day was beginning to dawn as a troop of horsemen galloped furiously towards the castle from the direction of Kolozsvar.
  • Devotion, fidelity, attention to duty, and all the troop of domestic virtues will not be sufficient to keep love alive.
  • He examined the outside of the door very narrowly, and then returning precipitately, made a sign for the troop to continue its march in silence.
  • It consisted of 900 troop boats, 135 whale boats, and a large number of heavy flatboats carrying the artillery.
  • Thirty large troop boats, and some boats belonging to the ships, were in readiness, and 1700 men took their places in them.
  • A hurried hand-shaking, and the troop of friends marched down the gang-plank to turn round and look many more tender adieus from the wharf.
  • The scissors-grinding proceeded briskly, and soon a troop of dirty children were gathered round the wheel, and began to teaze the old man.
  • When Lawrence gathered his little troop together he found that three had been killed and six wounded, three of them grievously.
  • Where, the shy-eyed delicate deer come down in a troop to drink When the stars are mellow and large at the coming on of the night.
  • In the midst of this troop of cannibals the heads of two murdered Body Guards were carried on poles.
  • It was a lovely sight to see De Lesseps ride and drive with a troop of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  • Of Tombs's troop alone, twenty-five men (out of fifty) and seventeen horses were hit.
  • I then quietly and gradually drew off troop after troop into the open plain about a mile to the rear, covering the movement with skirmishers.

Definition of Troop

To move in numbers; to come or gather in crowds or troops. | To march on; to go forward in haste. | To move or march as if in a crowd.
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