Trooped In A Sentence

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  • They trooped down the passage.
  • They trooped out of the room together.
  • They trooped back to the library.
  • The three friends trooped in.
  • Behind him trooped the alien laborers.
  • The guests trooped past the door.
  • The rest of the party trooped in by degrees.
  • The lads trooped out, injured and innocent.
  • All the girls trooped around, taking her listless hand.
  • And so they trooped out into the cheery October sunlight.
  • After half-past ten, Members trooped down in scores.
  • At last they finished their beer and trooped off down the passage.
  • They all trooped down into the basement to re-examine the coal bin.
  • Then a bell rang, and we all trooped into the refectory to a banquet.
  • Later a herd of large white-tailed deer trooped up the hollow.
  • My aunt called us at this, and we all trooped into the house again.
  • Tony and the detail trooped into the corridor, closing the door behind them.
  • From each dwelling dark, curiously clad men and women trooped out.
  • The boys put on their caps and trooped out, laughing and talking as they went.
  • All trooped into the living room, which was dining room, too.
  • After a time they all trooped away, these long-faced men of pill and potion.
  • The Bishop smiled as the clergy trooped down the stairs echoing the greeting.
  • The Cubs trooped into the warm kitchen, fairly overflowing the tiny room.
  • Madame von Marwitz, as the three trooped down upon her, did not rise.

How To Use Trooped In A Sentence?

  • The girls trooped over to the kitchen and delivered up their spoil to the cook.
  • The boys laughed in chorus and trooped through the office in the direction of the back stairway.
  • It was a hungry crowd that trooped to the great gray rock where the table was spread.
  • Then there was a movement of feet, and the shadowy spectres trooped out into the night.
  • So we trooped to the table to oblige him, and went through the form of being much refreshed.
  • At a word from the sergeant the men trooped out, putting on their caps and grinning broadly.
  • The beautiful little silver gong sounded, and we all trooped down to the dining-room.
  • Lucy Ann retreated before them into the house, and they all trooped in after her.
  • Buglers and orderlies from the Chinese generals around us trooped in on us for unknown reasons.
  • The small crowd trooped inside, and, after a minute, the door slid shut again.
  • Dispirited and worn out, we trooped into camp to find Emett and a steaming supper.
  • They trooped into the saloon to square their bets, the Duke going his way to the barn.
  • The chapel bell tinkled out its summons, and the garrison trooped faithfully to Mass.
  • In through the folding-doors trooped the anxious-looking searchers, Herbert first.
  • When the men trooped in to breakfast the officer and Whistler Morgan stole away.
  • By-and-by the children trooped away, and Miss Benson summoned her to put on her things for chapel.

Definition of Trooped

simple past tense and past participle of troop
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