Trooping In A Sentence

Definition of Trooping

present participle of troop | The act of marching in a troop.

How To Use Trooping In A Sentence?

  • But to be desired ardently of trooping hosts is an incentive to taste to try for yourself.
  • Twilight had settled over the interior of the barn by the time the girls came trooping in.
  • Philon followed at a meditative pace, his thoughts trooping stealthily abreast.
  • The two girls had joined them there; and now they all came trooping together to the house.
  • He waved his hand, and five and twenty of his friends came trooping down the hill.
  • The farming people were trooping in, bringing with them the odor of fresh peat and soil.
  • The door burst open and several freshmen came trooping in, as if they felt quite at home there.
  • The students came trooping back, after having disposed of Mortimer and his crowd.
  • About three in the afternoon all the men came trooping in, cold, wet, and hungry.
  • A half-dozen ladies came trooping in, among them Mrs. Davis and several of the Cabinet ladies.
  • Not long had she waited when a merry company came trooping over to the arbor and young voices filled the air.
  • In the course of this morning a posse of villagers was seen trooping up the avenue, with boys shouting in advance.
  • I sat at the table with the lady principal and enjoyed very much seeing all the young girls trooping into the dining-room.
  • In the course of this morning a posse of villagers was seen trooping up the avenue, with boys shouting in advance.
  • But memories of the past come trooping up in such vivid lines, as to make the day one of deep interest.
  • And when the girls came trooping up the lane she was the first to hear them and to rouse Will from his siesta.
  • When the Delphians tumultuously trooping from the whole of their city joyously acclaimed the god with smoking altars.
  • I heard them appoint a flat place beside the burn, just on the edge of the bog, and watched them trooping out of the yard.
  • The peasant girls come trooping in from the neighbouring villages to help to husk the pods, and sit them down upon the odorous heaps.
  • They fell back in order, while the aids came trooping out of the brush in groups, bearing the wounded to places of shelter.
  • It was the time of reds and whites, for the glory of the broom had passed, except at great heights, and the wild roses were trooping in.
  • As stout a bunch of rogues as ever went trooping to the eternal bonfire, handy gentlemen to his worship Woodford.
  • A number of the boys and girls came trooping into the parlor, each carrying an old garment, thimble on finger, and needle and thread in hand.
  • The Dwarfs lurked in the out-of-the-way corners of the mountains, trooping down in crooked droves to burn and kill for the very joy of doing evil.
  • They stampeded, the games were deserted, the "sleepers" roused themselves, even the dancers came trooping forth with his name upon their lips.
  • An instant Winston stood looking straight into those dark, glowing eyes, and all his inherited strength of manhood came trooping back to aid him.
  • The gangs of these miscreants, chained together and under guard, came presently trooping into St Malo.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trooping | Trooping Sentence

  • Crowd trooping in out of train.
  • Advertisements came trooping in.
  • Crowds of fugitives were trooping off in the distance.
  • Dear old times came trooping back.
  • And the little things soon come trooping or looping along.
  • Here's a change from your trooping and fighting!
  • Just then the rest of the party came trooping up from the cabin.
  • Ere long the dwarfs came trooping out till all were assembled.
  • Every spring they come trooping back for their all-summer session.
  • While she was at it, the little folks came trooping around her.
  • Then she led away the smallest, and the rest went trooping after her.
  • The bars once down, a whole flock will come trooping back to earth.
  • Meantime Gardener returned, with all the little people trooping after him.

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