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  • The sufferings of his troops from hunger and fatigue were of the most severe description.
  • The light transports meanwhile were bringing up more troops from a second detachment.
  • Railroad sidings were put in and 35,000 troops from all over the Dominion poured into it.
  • Salvador alone among the provinces held out until troops from Mexico overcame its resistance.
  • May came, and with it the conquering troops from Versailles poured into the city.
  • The troops from Red River have been ordered up and should be some distance on the way before this.
  • A large fleet with troops from Cuba joined the forces of the Florida settlement.
  • Instantly, he sent Johnston off, at full gallop, to bring up the troops from the centre and left.
  • On the 29th of October the enemy surrounded them with troops from Friday to Sunday.
  • In poured troops from other States, and the beautiful Southern city became a vast military camp.
  • He was reinforced by an excellent body of troops from Scotland, commanded by General Mackay.
  • In 1870 it took ninety-five days to transport troops from Toronto to Fort Garry over this route.
  • Troops from England were hurrying to Lord Elgin, who was seeing our affairs through in China.
  • Any withdrawal of troops from either city would be the signal for a general rising of the inhabitants.
  • He halted several days in the capital while the process of collecting troops from the midlands and the south went on.
  • Here is a large enclosure fenced round with bushes, and containing cattle purchased for the troops from the natives.
  • In the frequent movements of troops from one place to another, they are exposed to great losses and vexations.
  • He had to ride in the procession with the rest of the troops from the Post who were to take part in the parade.
  • At the entrance to the village lay the bodies of some fifty citizens, shot for having fired upon our troops from ambush.
  • Troops from all over India began to concentrate near the Sri Ulang Pass in the Hindu-Kush.
  • If it could be under his own control, how convenient for the passage of his troops from Luxemburg to the south!
  • The transport of the troops from England both by sea and by rail was effected in the best order and without a check.
  • We could not withdraw our troops from any part of India without incurring the risk of an outbreak in the districts thus denuded.
  • He invited us to lunch on his ship; he had brought in troops from the Dardanelles, and was doing transport work.
  • The withdrawal of white troops from the Territory would be interpreted by the Indians to mean its abandonment.
  • The service lasted about twenty minutes, whereupon the bands played and the Sultan reviewed his troops from one of the windows of the mosque.
  • Inform him that we three Electors wish to review your troops from the northern balcony, and bid them file past from the hills to the river road.
  • On the fifteenth day, when the troops from Dodge relieved the siege, there were eighty topknots to tell the loss of the enemy.
  • The colonies, so united, would have been sufficiently strong to defend themselves; there would then have been no need of troops from England.
  • Sometimes they are signal-lights flashing from an observation balloon anchored in the darkness over the trenches to guard the troops from dangers in the air.

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  • Thither marched his troops from every quarter.
  • Subject: Withdrawal of American troops from Archangel.
  • The bridal guests assembled in gallant troops from distant quarters.
  • The quick moving of troops from one point to another was also an issue.
  • It was unpleasant to suffer repulse by troops from an unmilitary, new country.
  • He summoned troops from all his wide department of the Columbia.
  • He described the withdrawal of the troops from Paris, which was his own act.
  • I warned the Government of the folly of removing so many troops from the State.
  • Austria and France withdrew their troops from the Papal States.
  • Where was General Cocke with the troops from East Tennessee all this time?
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