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How To Use Troops In In A Sentence?

  • There is none equal to my prince with his numerous troops in the conflict of war.
  • The trench had been greatly improved since these days and was now used by troops in corps reserve.
  • It will thus be seen that a commander of troops in time of war acts in two distinct capacities.
  • The brave troops in blue were exhausted by so many hours of fierce fighting and fierce heat.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Troops In | Troops In Sentence

  • Few troops in village.
  • I have heard of no troops in this neighborhood.
  • Osman sent troops in pursuit.
  • They will be coming by troops in less than a fortnight.
  • Henry was at the head of the finest troops in the empire.
  • The troops in the foray amounted to about 20,000.
  • All the colored troops in that command were cavalry men.
  • On his left were other troops in a grove near the road.
  • Regardless of any, we are the best fed troops in the field.
  • Colonel Coetlogan had his troops in readiness for flight.
  • There was an enormous quantity of troops in the Place.
  • The young troops in ambush Gasped.
  • The health of my troops in Spain is good.
  • All the troops in Omdurman were ordered north.
  • Dupont had surrendered, with all the troops in Andalusia!
  • No sound came from the Northern troops in the wood.
  • I think I see some troops in the distance.
  • I witnessed a review of 15,000 troops in Petrograd.
  • At several decisive points I placed troops in ambush.
  • Governor Dunmore of Virginia called out troops in earnest.
  • The Mexican troops in Matamoras number 2,000.
  • As late as 1601, Spain landed 3500 troops in Ireland.
  • How a Wooden Figure raised Troops in the Valois.
  • That's why we have so many troops in here.
  • Cortez addressed the troops in a short speech of encouragement.
  • Here a great change was noticed in the look of the troops in the town.
  • They could swarm any particular coast with troops in a few days.
  • We could now see columns of troops in the distance marching north.
  • Even our troops in line, tired as they were, were not quite still.
  • His own dominions supplied him with some of the best troops in Italy.
  • The second in command had shut himself up with all his troops in Antioch.
  • We had no idea who commanded the Egyptian troops in this action.
  • In this and in other fights the Russians kept unarmed troops in the rear.
  • Meanwhile his troops in Finland had met with bitter and obstinate resistance.
  • So now the British troops in the north are faced by enormous forces.
  • When Sovereigns command their troops in person what exploits they perform!
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