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  • It is impossible for any one to understand the movements of the troops on both sides.
  • Pierola stationed his troops on each side of the pass and in front, reserving his cavalry.
  • They did it willingly enough, but had they refused the troops on guard would have forced them.
  • The solid body of our troops on the corduroy bridge were huddling together like sheep in a storm.
  • Portuguese troops were reported as fighting with the British troops on this sector.
  • The troops on each side practically all raw volunteers, very much alike in race and character.
  • They were in three divisions, the regulars in the centre, the provincial troops on either flank.
  • The main body under Lopez was overcome and dispersed by Spanish troops on the 24th.
  • These are the billets used by the Allied troops on the river front in North Russia.
  • Unfortunately there was a similar hill on our left which was not assaulted by the troops on our left until some hours after daybreak.
  • From the houses they have shot at troops on the march, and of course their homes have been reduced to ashes.
  • At this stage of the attack there was a gap of some 1500 yards between our left and the nearest troops on their outer flank.
  • The airjeep with the pickup circled back; the troops on the road and in the adjoining fields had broken.
  • A tremendous cheer burst from the troops on the west shore as they saw how much their gallant little gunboats had achieved.
  • The troops on the left, after having penetrated into the first trench, had their progress arrested by machine guns.
  • Tallard had given orders to these troops on no account to leave their positions, nor to allow a single man even to quit them.
  • All the roads round here were full of troops on the move, and of lines and lines of lorries either coming or going.
  • Diarrhoea and dysentery were prevalent throughout all the troops on the Peninsula, and we suffered with the rest.
  • All forenoon rumours were floating about that arrangements were being made for an attempt to retake the Vineyard by troops on our left.
  • Even more desolating in its effect is the work done by low-flying aeroplanes, armed with machine-guns, against enemy troops on the march.
  • I then made a requisition for troops on the commander of the post at Ridgely, who sent me a lieutenant and fifteen men.
  • King turned and faced the crowd, raising himself on the balls of his feet to shout, like a man facing thousands of troops on parade.
  • From that position I saw the beginning of the panic when our troops on the right gave way and started for the rear in indescribable disorder.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Troops On | Troops On Sentence

  • There were more troops on the third stage down.
  • In this respect they resemble troops on parade.
  • But he rejoined the troops on July 8th.
  • The Mexicans here know that there are troops on the spot.
  • Bonaparte leaves Verona and directs his troops on Trent.
  • The troops on both sides challenged each other simultaneously.
  • Plenty of troops on the way if you can keep yourselves in food.
  • Some of the troops on the left and the right followed the example.
  • The servant of an officer of the troops on board was in the plot.
  • One of them asked me where they could get in touch with our troops on the left.
  • Indian troops on our extreme left made a magnificent advance.
  • The detachments of troops on the road were sure to attract attention.
  • First the authorities made arrangements to ship a thousand troops on this ship.
  • We could not see nor hear of any troops on our immediate right or left.
  • We were on the left of the road, the New Jersey troops on the right.
  • The first troops on the ground were the District of Columbia Volunteers.
  • The troops on which Charles counted most confidently were Campobasso's.
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