Trotting In A Sentence

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  • It has won several trotting matches.
  • He came trotting behind.
  • Nighthawk came trotting and whinneying to him.
  • A trotting camel does not die easily.
  • The trotting dandy turned and looked curiously at him.
  • I saw a deer trotting away into the woods.
  • A trotting dog is better than a sleeping lion.
  • You see him trotting along the tree-trunk.
  • The bull was trotting heavily toward his herd.
  • Mean men do not ride pure-bred trotting camels.
  • He beheld a dupe trotting into a carefully-laid pitfall.
  • A farmer went trotting upon his gray mare.
  • Then came the trotting races, and these were worth seeing.
  • She passed our house, trotting at a great rate.
  • He drove the dogs relentlessly, trotting behind the sled.
  • And there was Jonathan, also trotting briskly.
  • At last I saw them trotting along slowly towards the ship.
  • I would be, too, if I was forever trotting the way she is.
  • Presently the Iron Wolf came trotting up.
  • Side-walk ... walking fast ... trotting along ...
  • The Trotting Horse of America.
  • With Reminiscenses of the Trotting Turf.
  • It's trotting on the course.
  • The two fellows had by this time reached the trotting stables.
  • Marks came trotting up, pounding the donkey with his umbrella.
  • At last they heard the trotting of horses' hoofs.
  • While he is trotting after his patients, she sits there botching socks.
  • It was like trotting to music, if you've ever done that.
  • A few schoolgirls, accompanied by riding masters, were trotting up and down.
  • Then follows a running race, and then another heat of the trotting race.

How To Use Trotting In A Sentence?

  • All at once he wheels his fantastic animal round and comes trotting after them.
  • First came bodies of infantry trotting hurriedly in their sandals and glancing about them.
  • The cavalrymen were trotting up and down, and trying to discover their own people.
  • I lifted the glass to follow him and saw him go trotting down the path between the bushes.
  • Every jog of the trotting horse whose back he bestrode was a twitching torture.
  • Suddenly the undergrowth parted in front of me and a herd of wild boars came trotting out.
  • A splendid trotting camel had been found lying dead a little way down the track.
  • The trotting stopped at the ruined wall, and it was obvious that it belonged to one horse only.
  • Kellogg has joined forces with us, and the two companies are trotting in parallel columns.
  • A stable-horse needs as much daily exercise as trotting three miles will give him.

Definition of Trotting

Of an animal that trots. | present participle of trot | The action of the verb trot.
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