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(Internet chat) To (figuratively) slap someone with a slimy, stinky, wet trout; to admonish jocularly. | Any of several species of fish in Salmonidae, closely related to salmon, and distinguished by spawning more than once. | (Britain, derogatory) An elderly woman of dubious sensibilities.

How To Use Trout In A Sentence?

  • These are a very different fish from the speckled trout of the streams and rivers.
  • When the end of the pool is reached the salmon and trout are simply drawn out upon the pebbles.
  • Here the trout congregate, to enjoy the cool water that comes down from the hills above.
  • Hardly had he spoken before a great trout darted across the stream, almost at their feet.
  • We saw no appearance of trout in this lake, or in the outlet of it above the upper chain of ponds.
  • We took as many trout in trolling occasionally, as we needed for dinner and supper.
  • He had also a beautiful string of trout ready for our supper, taken in a way peculiarly his own.
  • At the mouth of this little stream, which one can step across, the trout congregate.
  • I was over a portion of that wilderness last summer, and found plenty of trout and abundance of deer.
  • Likewise many of the trout were burned up with it, for in places the fire made the water hotter than trout can stand.
  • At the approach of the boys the frightened trout darted frantically about in the pool, vainly seeking cover.
  • When salmon and trout are spawning their senses seem to become dulled, and then they are not difficult to approach in the water.
  • We came back to our tents, after securing a string of trout from the mouth of the little stream across the bay.
  • Our sail of eight miles down the lake furnished us with appetites which gave to the beautiful speckled trout we caught there a peculiar relish.
  • In outlying country towns with salmon and trout streams in the vicinity, poaching is carried on to an almost incredible extent.
  • This little stream we found swarming with speckled trout of the size of minnows, and at its mouth the large trout congregated.
  • Or a brook, which is a tiny trout stream, babbles on through the meadows and pastures, and has its attractions too.
  • Some half a dozen miles from the village was a fine trout stream, to which my wife and myself used occasionally to go on a fishing excursion.
  • Any trout fishing up in your brooks about the first of May?" he asked covertly.
  • Than netting, another way of securing salmon and trout from the spawning redds is by "click" hooks.
  • Sport with Kingsley took the shape of trout fishing and of riding to hounds, not of killing lions with the rifle.
  • While we were debating whether to have fried chicken or trout for dinner, two little girls, both on one horse, rode up.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trout | Trout Sentence

  • The trout were plentier than they are now.
  • I wish it had been trout season then!
  • It was a fine trout stream at times.
  • Instantly trout darted out from a dozen different points.
  • There will be hardly a drop of water or a trout left.
  • The trout was slowly towed in the direction of the boat.
  • More than one huge trout had the two chums taken here.
  • For an instant the trout sulked and Lew reeled in rapidly.
  • I will now account for the trout frequenting such small brooks.
  • But the taking of those trout with our hands was quite another matter.
  • But now no trout hid under the hemlock's roots.
  • Do you remember what lots of little trout we saw not far below the spring?
  • But I can tell you where to go to get all the trout you want.
  • Frozen Pudding, 81. Gatineau Trout (Baked), 105.
  • Quebec: Trout Lake, near Moise Bay; northwest Ungava.
  • Easter doesn't come this year until after the trout season opens.
  • Say, them cricks is so full of trout they ain't hardly room fer the water.
  • WNW junction of Trout River and Laird River, and in those from 1/4 mi.
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