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  • These were on what was called Troy coaches.
  • From Troy we made our course in sailing hither.
  • And would have told him, half his Troy was burned.
  • The people of Troy and Troas were called Trojans.
  • I rode with Nimrod ... strove at Troy ...
  • The dance, by Troy and Margaret West Kinney.
  • But all the people of Troy did not take part in this rejoicing.
  • They ne'er shall make me see Troy with my will.
  • Cleopatra and Helen of Troy were excellent illustrations of the splendor.
  • They had not been in Troy long when they met a doctor named Luke.
  • The legend which makes Achilles go to Troy from Scyros is probably ignored.
  • Myself at Troy one moment fondly wish'd, My sire's return, the next.
  • Pat Troy had been Professor Hemmingwell's foreman for nearly two years.

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  • Excavations made on the site of ancient Troy have revealed many thin plates of beaten gold.
  • They marched, and next morning Troy had been removed from the map; ninety per cent.
  • The Troy tuggers took a stout hold on the rope and faced the Kingstonians gloweringly.
  • AEneas was of the family of that Priam who was king of Troy when the siege was on.
  • Such was the mighty host that Hellas marshaled to punish Troy for the crime committed by Paris.
  • Then Helenus told the Ithacan chief that before Troy could be taken three things must be done.
  • This year, great Troy must fall, else if his words Be falsified, who will may slay the seer.
  • I am Yseult and Helen, I have seen Troy burn, and the most loving knight lie dead.
  • But Troy is not on the ship's passenger lists to any such extent as to corroborate your statement.
  • Tradition ascribes those tumuli which are yet to be seen on the plain of Troy to the observance of this custom.
  • Thus was the king's daughter saved and all Troy delivered from a terrible scourge.
  • Thus was the message of the fall of Troy quickly borne to the waiting queen by this preconceived arrangement.
  • Within the same period the weight of the silver penny sank from 22 to 12 troy grains, a reduction of 45.45 per cent.
  • Nay, but the peer of noblest men, with whom Thou art to take and ravage Troy with might. PHI.
  • Ulysses and his companions then returned to Greece, and at once preparations for war with Troy were commenced.
  • We may even replace the tapestries of Troy which hung one hall, and build again the sideboards with their embossed gilded plate.
  • Once she had passionately desired beauty, the high school and the story of Helen of Troy notwithstanding.
  • At the athletic games in Troy everybody admired the noble appearance of Paris, but nobody knew who he was.
  • Ilus, being satisfied that the statue was the sign for which he had prayed, immediately set about building his city, and thus Troy was founded.
  • Helen of Troy is a she-devil, and becomes the final means of Faust's destruction.
  • A barouche with driver returned from beyond Greenfield or Troy empty, the passengers being left at the former place.
  • The tidings of the gold flashed from city to city, swift as the signal fires of Agamemnon telling that Troy had fallen.
  • They therefore sent ambassadors to Troy to demand the restoration of Helen and the treasures which Paris had carried off.
  • When Troy fell a near-by fire was kindled, and beacon after beacon sprang into flame on the route toward Greece.
  • But Sleepy was too lazy to learn many of the new wrinkles, and the Troy club-swingers set him some tasks that he could not repeat.
  • Meanwhile, on the plain before Troy Diomede still eagerly pursued ├ćneas, though knowing that the hero was under divine protection.
  • The Greeks in sailing for Troy had missed their way and invaded Telephus' country by mistake.

Definition of Troy

Of, or relating to, troy weight.
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