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  • Then he would trudge back again.
  • He began to trudge on a few feet in front of them.
  • And we trudge off to some ponds half a mile further away.
  • To walk back meant a trudge of five miles.
  • He does not care to stop and talk to folk, only trudge on.
  • She would never have to trudge to and fro in the heat of the day any more.
  • Again we trudge silently along the lane, but soon stop to listen.
  • The women trudge wearily home; the young folks walk step by step into life.
  • Don't keep yourselves rigid, but just trudge along with every muscle relaxed.

How To Use Trudge In A Sentence?

  • They had reached his gate, and she paused, allowing the cow to trudge on homeward.
  • There was nothing to do but to trudge off through the snow to the neighbor a mile away and beg some matches.
  • Glad indeed is everyone to set foot on the pier and trudge through disregarded slush to the warmth of home or hotel.
  • The three-mile trudge had been made in silence, neither of the amateur carriers having breath to spare for talk.
  • Self flits veiled to the last, and we trudge to our graves, looking ever and only at her across the brink.
  • The peasants sing choruses as they trudge upward, taking short cuts among the trees at the angles of the zigzag.
  • They will trudge fifteen or twenty miles a day with this burden, bending forward, and staggering under its weight.
  • Nevertheless after lunch she had firmness enough left to put on her coat and hat and trudge off to Sunday school by herself.
  • The doctor, however, drove on without waiting for him, and the poor man had to trudge behind the carriage.
  • He looked at the heavy buckets doubtfully; it would be a man-size job to trudge the long sandy road home, so laden.
  • I trudge along like a traveller between high hedgerows; my heart is blinkered so that I am scarcely aware of landscapes.
  • However, he resolved to trudge along, hoping to meet some one who could tell him how to go back to Selma.
  • Skirting a bend of the river, we trudge through the woods to Freystrop, and enter upon a district pitted here and there with old mine-shafts.
  • Several persons who happened to see the brindled cow, and Cadmus following behind, began to trudge after her, precisely as he did.
  • He was studying the ground for immediate strategic purposes, just as he had been studying the valley on his long trudge up from the railroad for purposes related to distant campaigns.
  • As Una began to trudge up the flat-sounding slate treads she discovered that her head was aching as though some one were pinching the top of her eyeballs.
  • The district through which he was travelling was thinly populated, and to obtain a doctor the bargeman would have to trudge some miles across country, leaving his wife alone on the canal.
  • During the earlier stage the whole party rode on the camels or the one horse that accompanied them, but the animals got weary, and it became necessary to trudge it on foot.

Definition of Trudge

(intransitive) To walk wearily with heavy, slow steps. | (transitive) To trudge along or over a route etc. | A tramp, i.e. a long and tiring walk.
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