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  • Mary trudged up the stairs again.
  • We trudged back to town.
  • They trudged on up the winding road.
  • Slowly they trudged to the door in the left wall.
  • The three trudged along silently for a few moments.
  • So they trudged on, heading for the mouth of the defile.
  • As we trudged along, a lively discussion of slavery ensued.
  • And Thurstan grunted and trudged on.
  • Breath issued visibly from the mouth as I trudged along.
  • Salt followed the same road over which the girls had trudged an hour earlier.
  • Waiting until the woman was nearly out of sight, she trudged after her.
  • But the tinker trudged off home with his pack and his new purchase.
  • For hours they trudged through the forest, for the most part in silence.
  • He replaced his hands in his trousers pockets, and trudged up the street.
  • Stiff with cold, the girls trudged past the club house and on down the road.
  • As they trudged on, he talked the matter over with Lew again.
  • He trudged home with never a glance back at the avenue where Julia was.

How To Use Trudged In A Sentence?

  • They trudged on in silence for a time, both listening for the sound of pursuit.
  • Confident that they soon would come to the airplane listening post, the girls trudged on.
  • Though the struggle was a rough one, he overcame his feelings for the moment, and trudged on.
  • Over the long and weary portages trudged his mother, her child bound loosely on her shoulders.
  • He trudged briskly along the smooth highway, every sense alive to the delights of the forest.
  • As he trudged homeward that evening, Charley pondered over the events of the day.
  • Only Robertson seemed quite indifferent and trudged along stolidly after a man carrying a torch.
  • Out again in the chilly dusky air, with the hard snow under foot, the Fairbrothers trudged along.
  • He trudged along, unknowing what he sought, And whistled as he went, for want of thought.
  • For a while he followed despondently, then he tried to comfort himself as he trudged at the end of the rope.
  • When he reached a suitable landing-place he took his bags of seeds on his back and trudged through the forest.
  • Then we trudged on through the dew-wet fields, drenched to the knees as if having waded through a brook.
  • She felt suddenly on the level of the rich people who could afford to ride where others trudged afoot.
  • He trudged along in the blinding dust and heat, almost praying that his troubles might be ended with a bullet.
  • In the early morning the men had trudged to the alfalfa and melon fields and returned at sundown to be greeted joyfully by the women and children.
  • The girl trudged off home scarcely thinking about what the woman said, little knowing that it was the same fairy who had spoken to her sister.
  • They had trudged back at once on the retirement of the Boches, and were making the best of the changed conditions.
  • Yet with the one exception, they stuck grimly to the saddle or trudged manfully ahead without a horse until the next station was reached.
  • She trudged along beside him, half-consciously trying to match his stride, while her thoughts flew far afield.
  • For some little distance Jan trudged heavily, then he stopped suddenly and twisted for a last look at his home.
  • He had three miles to walk, and although he had already trudged several times that distance, heavily loaded, he did not hesitate for a moment.
  • Mrs. McAllister saw him coming a block away, and she ran down to the gate to meet him as he trudged in.
  • She stood looking after me as I trudged along the street, with my bundle and my good stick in my right hand, and a lighted cigar in my left.

Definition of Trudged

simple past tense and past participle of trudge

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