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  • Then he went trudging homeward.
  • She came trudging through the sand as if she were tired.
  • Then I hear him trudging up the stairs.
  • Two Mules laden with packs were trudging along.
  • The known and noted breezes swell Our trudging sail.
  • After hours of trudging through routine, Una went home.
  • How different from trudging along with cross Aunt Maria!
  • Hubert was trudging on beside her, whistling softly to himself.
  • He descried the younger thief trudging on slowly with his cow.
  • But still they kept trudging stoutly forward, and talking as they went.
  • As he rejoined Penny, they saw a man trudging along the road toward the tower.
  • Benny, trudging along at Mr. Smith's side.

How To Use Trudging In A Sentence?

  • That distinction which he felt to be his was not to be impaired by his trudging afoot.
  • Already he and his woman were trudging at the heels of their burro deeper into the desert.
  • Soon they came up with a poor Irishwoman, trudging along with a bundle at her back.
  • Workmen were trudging along with their luncheon-baskets of woven bulrushes slung over their shoulders.
  • Then trudging along on his way, he unsuspectingly passed beneath the maple which concealed the man with the glass.
  • Yet as she glanced at the stolid, indifferent man trudging behind the mules a lovelight sprang into her eyes.
  • So they set off together, trudging through the sand at the edge of the ocean, where the walking was easiest.
  • An obstinately stable machine is good for trudging along in the air, but it is not easy to manoeuvre in face of the enemy.
  • When night came she was still wearily trudging along, but uncertain whether she was proceeding in the right direction.
  • They were an odd couple to be trudging a strange road, in an unknown country, at the dark hour of the night.
  • It was a very different story, trudging back through the snow-drifts in the twilight, from flitting like a butterfly on the ski.
  • An hour after he was overtaken trudging along the road, perfectly sober, with the saddle on his shoulders and the bridle over his arm.
  • But the sturdy little figure trudging down the hill paid no attention to Warde's call.
  • The flying pieces, though, fall on some other man who is trudging along the trail of another law and keeping it at every point.
  • My clothes were in rags, my shoes worn out, from trudging along those roads, which are very uncomfortable ones; but no matter!
  • Even the wagoners trudging along beside their ponderous teams, and traversing the kingdom, from one end to the other, were objects of envy to me.
  • We arranged the terms of our campaign, trudging amicably in the snow, which now, with the approach of morning, began to fall to purpose.
  • Sometimes in a house in passing; again, an old woman trudging to market will sing the death dirge of a relation, perhaps dead many years.
  • From the open door she saw the van of Dayton's soldiers trudging up the Valley road.
  • I pictured the fellow to myself trudging over the stony slopes and scrambling down wild ravines with my letter to Doña Rita in his pocket.
  • It was not until he was within half a mile of the circus tents that he descried the two boys, trudging along, Kit with his valise in his hand.
  • She ended the dispute by seizing a bag and trudging out into the rain, bent double beneath the load, leaving Chook to curse and follow.
  • As we set off through a drizzling rain, trudging behind the cart, a double rainbow shone, which I took for an omen.
  • At the lefthand side of the road, Mr. Holloway noticed a boy trudging wearily along the edge of the pavement.
  • Peter urged the mule up the scarlet alley to a clearing in which he found coolies by the thousands, trudging moodily from a central orifice that continued to disgorge more and more of them.
  • They heroically responded to the demand of law, and went bravely on their way trudging painfully over the pavements with the little they could get together.
  • One great blob of snow fell square on Sammy, trudging on behind the procession, and he went down with a howl like a wolf, buried to his ears.
  • There, trudging slowly toward the pike-gate, with a bundle over his shoulder, they made out the slight form of Jimmy Smith.

Definition of Trudging

present participle of trudge | The act of one who trudges, or walks slowly and heavily.
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