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  • It is a truism that food is concentrated force.
  • It is almost a truism to say that we are at war with one another.

How To Use Truism In A Sentence?

  • We know that it is a truism that poverty is the mother of muscle and of invention.
  • They seemed to grasp very early on the postmodern truism that communication is power.
  • So fixed and convenient did this lying doctrine prove that it became a truism never challenged.
  • In some of our greatest characters (the truism is well-worn) there have been grave defects.
  • To label a truth a truism is too often regarded as equivalent to placing it in the category of the negligible.
  • This is all very harmless; but it is so commonplace a truism that it is hardly worth while to get excited over it.
  • It would be a truism to declare that human nature is about as complicated a piece of machinery as could be found in the human world.
  • It is, at least, a simple truism that he differs in one state of society from what he is in another.
  • It is a stale truism about good advice, that most natures must reject it before they see their way to its acceptance.
  • The woman who grasps the meaning of the following truism and determines to practice it, is well on her way to happiness and success.
  • It is a truism in free governments that laws rest upon public opinion, and fall powerless before its determined opposition.
  • The world has recognized this truism always, but we need to learn the lesson afresh, or the will power is undermined.
  • First, the country has grown tired of soft platitude, silly truism and undisputed things said in such a solemn way.
  • So difficult it is even for superior minds to remain altogether unaffected by the lustre of rank; the old truism could not be better exhibited.
  • And we are informed that the beginning of a motive life with women must be in the head, equally with men (by no means a truism when she wrote).
  • I think it a truism that whoever seeks to be exempted from the restrictions or liabilities he would impose on others, seeks not justice, but to do injustice.
  • To be commonplace, to write down here and now what is at once the truism and the paradox of this book, a vital, practical belief must always live by doubting.
  • For his case, although somewhat worse, was substantially the epitome of their own cases, and it is a truism that we never see ourselves as others see us.
  • The loneliness of individual life must learn self-respect from within, not without; and were all creeds to be mixed, that truism should be found their precipitate.

Definition of Truism

A self-evident or obvious truth. | A banality or cliché.
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