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  • So trundle them home.
  • He could trundle me along as well as not.
  • The quaint word is the same as used in truckle or trundle bed.
  • He saw himself lying on his trundle bed, his family weeping about him.
  • They trail behind her up the floor, And trundle after through the door.
  • They trail behind her up the floor, And trundle after through the door.
  • Old Numa Pompilius himself, was obliged to trundle off in the dusk.

How To Use Trundle In A Sentence?

  • Our beds were trundle beds with wheels on them to push them under the big beds.
  • When this happened he would lift the "Blue Streak" up on a rail and trundle it over.
  • I postulate we would all die for that baby if a locomotive was to trundle up right here and try to handle it.
  • You trundle off to your business as usual, and could dance again the next night, and so on through countless ages.
  • But how could she trundle a wheel, carry a five-quart can of milk, and the baby all at the same time?
  • The provision for three days was all ready to put aboard, and barrels of fresh water to trundle aboard when the yacht should return.
  • There was one big bed, with a trundle bed, which was on wooden rollers and was shoved under the big bed in the daytime.
  • In course of time the little girls were asleep in their trundle bed, with their little red stockings hanging behind the door.
  • He thrust his matchbox back in its waterproof pouch, and, taking his machine by the handlebars, began to trundle it up the slope.
  • They was five in ouah fambly an' we had one big bed an' a trundle bed thet ud roll undah the othuh bed like that.
  • Certainly I will not show you my deeds; certainly I will not rise from table and trundle out to see your magistrates.
  • In summer we slept, my brother Henry and me, in a trundle bed in the kitchen; and in de winter made a pallet beside de fireplace.
  • He will pile up the wheel-barrow till it is ready to break down under the weight, and trundle it off and up to the stage without the slightest exertion and be back again in a breath.

Definition of Trundle

(transitive) To wheel or roll, especially by pushing. | (transitive) To (cause to) roll slowly and heavily on wheels. | (intransitive) To move heavily (on wheels).
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