Trundling In A Sentence

Definition of Trundling

present participle of trundle | The motion of something that trundles.

How To Use Trundling In A Sentence?

  • It ended up by our lowering sail and ignominiously trundling the yacht back to school.
  • It is a distinct pleasure to see our neighbors trundling along towards the village.
  • So Fidelia started down the road, trundling behind her the little squeaking cart.
  • So George ran on before, trundling the wheelbarrow, and Rollo came after, drawing the wagon.
  • On both sides of the way, Just like unto a trundling mop, Or a wild-goose at play.
  • Diva by this time was trundling away round the room, and longing to be off in order to tell everybody.
  • Carrying her find with one arm and trundling her wheel with the other hand, she arrived in a short space at her destination.
  • He pushed it in front of him with his paws, like a brewer's man trundling a barrel.
  • So the boys set off on the run down the road, in fine style, with their wheelbarrows trundling beautifully before them.
  • In time a withered gnome trundling a wheelbarrow took possession of us and our light belongings, and led us forth into the night.
  • To see the "prima donna" of the company trundling her hoop on a bright morning was as pretty a sight as one would care to see.
  • Then I went out and, trundling the cart into the alley, locked the back gate and set forth on my journey.
  • Silver, looking ridiculously elegant in his shirt-sleeves and spotless breeches, came up the hill toward them, trundling a dingy stable barrow.
  • A few moments later, as Sube was trundling the lawn-mower out of the barn door he was hailed by Sim.
  • Even women and children could be encountered at all hours of the day and night loaded with booty or trundling wheelbarrows freighted with all imaginable kinds of portable goods and household furniture.
  • The door of the tenement opened upon the housekeeper trundling another barrel just as the first one fell and rolled across the sidewalk, with the goat capering about.
  • The shrill shriek of a Great Northern locomotive, trundling freight cars through the gloom, gave the death-stroke to the old boy-dream.
  • My own young mother died before I could remember her, and I was consigned to tutors when I should have been trundling hoops.
  • Then Diva, trundling swiftly out of the fish-shop, came, as well she might, to a dead halt, observing this absolutely inexplicable phenomenon.
  • But all of them happened to have all the coal they wanted; and morning found the laborer still trundling through the streets his most useful commodity unexchanged, and ready to sink with hunger and exposure.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Trundling | Trundling Sentence

  • The two went on, trundling the doll-carriage.
  • Hitherward, also, comes a man trundling a wheelbarrow along the pavement.
  • You were seven, and I was trundling my doll on the sidewalk.

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