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  • Trust and believe in me.
  • Whom do we trust and serve?
  • In the presence of such trust and courage she was a child.
  • We were now on terms of simple trust and confidence.
  • His officers give him the most absolute trust and loyalty.
  • They were proud of their trust, and faithful to it.
  • There is love and trust and great content in his laugh.
  • My trust, and be not intent only on your own ease.
  • My trust and candor wilt thou thus repay?
  • Though we may not see, we may trust and wait.
  • Could Dolly trust and be quiet?
  • But hope, and trust, and faith, and love failed not.
  • Could I have trust, and confidence in his loyalty?
  • No; I trust and hope that such is not the case.
  • I feel you are my trust, and I dare not risk unduly.
  • Trust and human sympathy were what Joe Hollends needed.
  • I knew I was breaking my trust, and I did not care.
  • You, You therefore must I trust, and not you me?
  • Mutual trust and confidence are other requisites for happiness in married life.
  • Besides, remember what he said about breach of trust and all that.
  • A soul full of trust and brimming over with compassion and with love.
  • Thorough trust and full understanding is the way to avoid such difficulties.
  • It was a great trust and he felt elation because he had been chosen first.
  • A way must be found to put trust and cooperation between these two.
  • He has betrayed my trust and attempted to rob the state by false measurement.
  • Thee changed a blind impulse into an abiding trust and sisterly affection.
  • Surely his was a good face, a face to inspire trust and courage.
  • Whence came this new trust and understanding, this thrill at his touch?
  • He had been a gull, and false to his trust, and altogether contemptible.
  • I took it on trust, and enjoyed everything to the full till the show was over.
  • Her love for Harold was perfect in its trust and gentleness.
  • But the black god one could not trust, and so one had to buy his goodwill.
  • I trust and hope that the Lord will spare him for many years to come.

How To Use Trust And In A Sentence?

  • Well is it with him who hath been illumined with the light of trust and detachment.
  • An instinctive confidence moved him to extend the right hand of trust and fellowship.
  • I felt the responsibility of the trust, and endeavoured to find it to the best of my ability.
  • We are thus confronted with what seems to be a contradiction; a trust and distrust in knowledge.
  • I will never do what I have done again if only you will trust and forgive me this time.
  • Honor rose with her gracious smile of gratitude and trust, and they parted without touching hands.
  • I know not to what circumstance I owe the happiness of their trust and friendship.
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