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How To Use Trustfulness In A Sentence?

  • There is a vein of loving trustfulness pervading his narrative that is really touching.
  • In most of us there lurks a certain strain of mischief which trustfulness disarms but distrust encourages.
  • She was desperately conscious of me, watching me askant with the curiously commingled fear and trustfulness of a child.
  • I have never seen a face so lacking in that gracious trustfulness which is at once the pride and the adornment of the normal ticket-collector.
  • Now, stung by his tone and his assurance, she must needs show him that his trustfulness had no base.
  • The people, courteous and civil as always, show a simple trustfulness with which is associated some little suspicion.
  • His very trustfulness made that impossible, because in each of us there is a natural refusal to destroy confidence, wherever we find it.
  • Brannigan spared but a glance for the terrified lynx, his interest being largely absorbed in the two does, whose trustfulness had won his heart.
  • Do you remember the purity, the goodness and trustfulness of ideas, the softening of noble hopes, the silence of full hearts?
  • It was while we were at Bloemfontein that the Boers presumed too much upon our credulity and trustfulness at last.
  • His faith in the reserve power of the people was imposing, and by this trustfulness he stamped himself as the matchless leader of his times, and among the greatest leaders of all times.

Definition of Trustfulness

The property of being trustful.
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