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  • Tommy was a thoroughly truthful child.
  • She was as truthful as she was brave and wise.
  • Chueh is not an offensively truthful man.
  • He had always been truthful and kindly with me.
  • She was a truthful woman and no coward.
  • How difficult it is to be truthful in this world!
  • Train the child to the truthful life.
  • And the girl raised her truthful blue eyes to his.
  • The legitimate object of comedy is the truthful delineation of manners.
  • The early portions of the novel are especially truthful and vivid.
  • He watched her keenly; she was truthful and open as the day.
  • Louis was always of a meek and gentle disposition, truthful and upright.
  • He could not fully meet her deep truthful eyes with a steady gaze of his own.
  • He is a truthful man; we wish all difficult matters settled before him.
  • John was truthful (more of a habit than some people believe).
  • He's a truthful man in everything save the price of fish.
  • My only difficulty is that I'm a truthful man by nature.
  • I dare say I'm more truthful than you are in small ways.
  • I stammered, thoroughly bewildered by the man's steady and truthful gaze.

How To Use Truthful In A Sentence?

  • Fundamentally he had all the direct impulses and propensities of a truthful man.
  • It is always the right hour to become noble and truthful and courageous once more!
  • Many of the drawings are of great and decided merit, graceful and truthful at the same time.
  • Before the six months were up Hildebrand was as truthful a boy as anyone need wish to meet.
  • To be quite truthful I thought her somewhat eccentric, and never supposed she was wealthy.
  • For a partner in business I want a truthful man, but for a companion give me one with imagination.
  • Archie winced at this truthful statement and nervously dropped a palette with which he had been fussing.
  • That too truthful man in the restaurant; that too truthful man in Burmah, is Mr. Bernard Shaw.
  • A child of well cultivated imagination will be likely to be more rather than less truthful than others.
  • It is believed that the data are sufficiently truthful for this purpose, but no claim is made for historical accuracy.
  • I sought to interrupt him with some not very truthful denegation; but he waved me down, and pursued his speech.
  • A truthful and circumstantial biography, in all its relations, of a single insect has yet to be written!
  • So few children are truthful in all respects and without variation, that we may well doubt whether the quality can be inborn.
  • Sacrifice everything but independence, but preserve that inviolate; for without it one can neither be truthful nor capable of improvement.
  • The greatest of all moralists warns us against putting confidence in princes; and how doubly truthful is the adage when extended to viceroys!
  • Surely the judge would give ear to a truthful and unprejudiced witness, anxious only to save an honest and cruelly misused man!
  • She was a keen reader of human nature, at first glance giving her husband a penetrating and generally truthful judgment of men.
  • Does not this truthful sketch from life, of a poor wood-sawyer's son, read like romance?
  • More truthful women do not exist than they were, and I believe they never wilfully deceived anyone.
  • She realized that I was drawing her into a net of contradictions, and she thereafter proposed to be more frank and truthful with me.
  • Unless he could find and actually produce that other man, whoever he was, who had fired the shot, his own truthful story was useless.

Definition of Truthful

Honest, and always telling the truth. | Accurately depicting what is real.
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