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  • Let us try some other way.
  • To try with reason to run mad.
  • His best chance was to try to obtain a clerkship.
  • It was a stubborn riddle for us to try and read.
  • I told him to go to bed and try to sleep it off.
  • You need not try to act well, you must only act furiously.
  • I shall try to be as short as I can.
  • Suppose, I try it thus.
  • Here was a chance to try my scheme again, and I did it.
  • They did try to pull their guns, but I was too close.
  • I'll try to help you out.
  • I've got to try the mother act on him now.
  • These are the times that try men's souls.
  • Don't you try to deceive me, man.
  • Fair-minded people will try to be honest, kind and just to everyone.
  • They will try to catch him at every turn, but we two will watch over him.
  • It's a shame, too, for him to try to work in the mines.
  • All right; you try to eat a mouthful, and we will go to make inquiries.
  • It is therefore neither wise nor safe to try to please Azrael.
  • These people were practical jokers, and I will not try to disguise it.
  • The style is pure: now try my talents then In either character.
  • As you deny everything, I will try to get to the bottom of the matter myself.
  • I thought I'd try what I could do.
  • But I'll Withdraw a while, and try to find it out.
  • But I'll Withdraw a while, and try to find it out.
  • Then he thinks: No! Would try to cut away the wood about the lock. . .
  • Oh, how hard we'll try not to grow too pleased with ourselves now!

How To Use Try In A Sentence?

  • Gray had suspected that he had, but he did not try to find out where it was hidden.
  • Notice how far the town stretches and try to see what cuts it off or bounds it.
  • I hardly think we will try any day shows until next week, unless our competitors do.
  • If the reader would try this new task, he may cut out the shields at the back of the book.
  • Naturally they were eager to try their arts on big game, and that was what the Governor was.
  • If he is anxious to try to repair the endless chain he has only to cut out the pieces at the back of the book.
  • Gives his partner to understand that his brother has half a mind to try a spell on shore, and so on.
  • But let him only try to act against the will of the nation, and he will soon become aware that he stands alone.
  • If you take a boat and try to go all around it, you will come to a place where the boat cannot go because there is land there.
  • All of the people should love our dear home town and try to make it beautiful, healthful and comfortable.
  • He reasoned that she would try to steal back to her child, and went to lie in wait for her near the house.
  • And he turns to the mate, telling him it was a pity he did not try to run along the deck and hurry up the captain when the lull came.
  • We'll keep parallel with these gentlemen, and if they get out of touch with the rest we'll make a try at nailing them.

Definition of Try

(obsolete) Fine, excellent. | To attempt; to endeavour. Followed by infinitive. | (obsolete) To divide; to separate.
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