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Definition of Tub

(transitive) To plant, set, or store in a tub. | (transitive, intransitive) To bathe in a tub. | A flat-bottomed vessel, of width similar to or greater than its height, used for storing or packing things, or for washing things in.

How To Use Tub In A Sentence?

  • When the soap-making took place, the ashes were placed in a leach tub out of doors.
  • The tools which the man had asked for were a hammer, a trowel, and a tub of mortar.
  • Butter in sixty-pound tubs would be charged at the rate of 12 cents per tub for each month.
  • Then the bee which was hidden near the tub stung him sharply in his face, already wet with tears.
  • But if the watchman on that Mannahatta tub pissed his britches, no shame to him at all.
  • A young woman in Turkish costume was washing some clothing in a tub by the door.
  • Wash the fine clothes in one tub of suds; and throw them, when wrung, into another.
  • We've had tub races and the like of that, but a carryall sailin' match 'll be somethin' new.
  • He was cured of his affection by a tub full of water, which was so placed that he had to step into it when leaving his bed.
  • If a dog be infested with these insects, put him in a tub of warm soapsuds, and they will rise to the surface.
  • Just before the scullers gained the river mouth they overtook a weather-beaten old fisherman leisurely rowing his heavy tub out to sea.
  • Wring them out of the first suds, and throw them into another tub of hot suds, turning them wrong side out.
  • A bathroom becomes a kitchen, with a lid upon the tub for groceries, and the milk cooling below with the cold faucet drawn.
  • Take them out of the boiling-bag, and put them into a tub of water, and rub the dirtiest places, again, if need be.
  • You will hardly believe me when I tell you that they had to empty the tub and fill it again ten times before the soap was all washed out of my fur.
  • She poured away the dish water, wiped the pan and began rinsing her towels and cloths in a small wooden tub bound with tin.
  • Not long after this I found the boy at a pump trying to keep a tub full, which appeared to have no bottom.
  • In the center of the circle were a tub of water, some boards and pieces of rope, and two large baskets whose contents were concealed by a cloth.
  • Provide a large tub, made of pine or ash, and set it on a form, so high, that a tub can stand under it.
  • Clothes are placed in a great vat or tub of cold water, covered with a cloth on which is sprinkled wood ashes, and allowed to stand overnight.
  • Again the tub descends, again other sufferers are raised, and still the same sad work continues hour after hour, far into the night.
  • Lower records that at Selmeston the smugglers actually used an altar tomb as a store for spirits, always leaving a tub for the parson.
  • There were some points of resemblance between Mrs. Budlong and the oleander in the green tub beside which she was sitting.
  • And out of the tub there crawled slowly, with a snuffling whimper and a rattling of its chain, the identical dog I had slain a few evenings before!
  • He tried coaxing, he tried slapping, he tried punching; they smiled back at him out of the tub unconverted, happy in their original sin.
  • Many articles are scattered about, including a leather slipper, a wooden spoon, some mussel shells, a tub of onions, etc.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tub | Tub Sentence

  • Set the moulds in a tub of ice and salt.
  • Boiling hot, and a tub or a big pan.
  • Then, rinse it up and down in a tub of soft cold water.
  • A salting tub may be used, and a cover should fit close.
  • I do when I first hit that tub of cold water.
  • In his view a tub once a week was all that any sane person should need.
  • Even the worst of us were to rise out of the tub white and perfect.
  • There were some planks in the cellar, and a tub and a beer-barrel.
  • Too large a tub would not allow the patient to sit in it comfortably.
  • Ready for a tub and a change, and the best dinner the club can give us.
  • That chair, the stove, the very tub for washing holds its secrets.
  • Dr Gray procured a large specimen in a tub from that district.
  • This morning I fell into a tub full of mud and spoilt all my clothes.
  • We are talking of this tub load of freshmen as if they were the 'Varsity crew.

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