Tuck Up In A Sentence

Definition of Tuck Up

(transitive) To pull the blankets or duvet up over (someone in bed); to put (someone) to bed. | (intransitive) To pull the blankets or duvet up over oneself in bed. | (transitive) To push the fabric at the bottom of a garment into itself or under another garment (especially trousers, skirt, dress etc.)

How To Use Tuck Up In A Sentence?

  • Dick, you can kiss me good-night as you used to when I went to tuck up your bed in the winter.
  • If you want to turn faster you tuck up your knees and bend your head so the chin almost touches your breast.
  • Mr Felix was told to take his coat off, he did so, and then he was bidden to tuck up his shirt above his elbow.
  • Where the boys tuck up their trousers, and the girls tuck up their frocks, A paddling tribe who scorn their shoes and customary socks.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tuck Up | Tuck Up Sentence

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