Tuckered In A Sentence

Definition of Tuckered

simple past tense and past participle of tucker

How To Use Tuckered In A Sentence?

  • You ran a big cargo of liquor in this wagon, which is why your plugs are tuckered out.
  • You can feel him flop over, clean tuckered out with kicking and working his arms.
  • Sandy ran the car down the road a piece, but came back beaten and tuckered out.
  • He 'd had watchers more 'n three weeks, an' Keziah was all tuckered out, an' mother too.
  • Put your best leg forward, boys, and don't let on that any of you are near tuckered out.
  • The woman an' the children are clean tuckered out, an' without this boat we could never hev got them back.
  • By that time the warmth of the day and the exertion had tuckered a good many of them out and Sawyer found much fault with the performances.
  • He was almost tuckered out when he reached us and had only breath enough left to say: "Run!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tuckered | Tuckered Sentence

  • Them all tuckered out with their own work?
  • But I was all tuckered out and hardly ready to do that.
  • She's all tuckered out.
  • We were all tuckered out when we reached the top of the ridge.
  • I'm nigh tuckered out with hunger.
  • She's an awful nice girl an' she's clean tuckered out an' cold an' wet.

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